The history of fashion for women's hats - some facts

history of fashion for women

What do we know about hats?We present some facts from the history of fashion for women's hats

fashion for hats will always be.And this hat is popular with both men and women.Hats can talk about the status of their owners, their mood, profession and even religious beliefs.

Even in ancient times, people preferred the hat.On them you can talk endlessly.They are devoted to proverbs, popular expressions, sayings, poems and songs.Thanks so much attention from the people of this headdress has accumulated a lot of facts, of which the main stand 10:

  1. 4000 years ago with the production of hats had a first industrial espionage.Chinese Princess exported abroad silkworms in a hat of flowers, thereby creating the greatest secret of silk was discovered.
  2. Mods Middle Ages wore two hats at the same time.One hat was worn on the head, and the other was hanging behind him.So simple way humans have changed hats, without going home.
  3. This garment was the subject of the interior, and marked the beginning of the
    Russian boyars.The house Boyar had a special stand, decorated paintings, which they stick caps of fox and marten.
  4. In the XVIII century it became fashionable to wear a huge hair and put up on the head of the different structures (ships, towers, or a basket of flowers), so hat transformed.And there were the famous hat-cases.
  5. In the XIX century hat-shaped cylinder, were people of high status.When he came to visit, they shot the men, but in the homes of the time was not yet muffin hats and umbrellas.It gives a lot of inconvenience, so the fashion designers of the era upgraded cylinders, inventing a hat-opera hat.
  6. Prussian woman for a long time does not make for yourself hairstyles.They were they simply are not needed, because the lady almost did not remove their hats.
  7. First Secretary of the Communist Party, Khrushchev became the unofficial innovator appeared before farmers in straw hat.Since then, the fashion for men's hats boldly entered the USSR, although in the past the men prefer simple hats.
  8. In England, a museum was opened hats Queen of Great Britain, which has become famous throughout the world for his love of hats.The collection of this museum are thousands of copies, and it is a national treasure.
  9. Medieval hatters or Hatter used to create fur hats mercury nitrate.This substance caused the masters hallucinations, dementia and seizures.Hence the popular expression "mad as a hatter."
  10. People who by fate bankrupt, as a punishment had to wear green and yellow hats to be seen right around the ruined man and a loser.

That would not talk about this hat, the hat will always attract the attention of stylists, designers, fashionistas and fashionistas.At any time the hat will be accompanied by a man while he was there on the ground.

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