Makeup for Valentine's Day - pink "Smokey Aes"

Makeup for Valentine

What should be up on Valentine's Day?Internet magazine «f-Journal.Ru» recommends the pink smokey-Aes

If you decided to celebrate Valentine's Day or Valentine's Day with your beloved, you should look as great, if you're going to go on a very first date.One of the components of the female image is a stylish and appropriate to this event make up.

No problem! Let's make a romantic make-up on Valentine's Day, what would your favorite drowned in the depths of the bottomless beautiful eyes, I went mad with delicate seductiveness lips and anxiously wanted to touch the silk and delicate skin.

wonder what color you are associated with Day of Valentine? Naturally, candy pink.Magazine «f-Journal.Ru» presents you with a sultry and very light smoky make-up with stylish electric purple and pink hues that exactly bring to mind any fan.Follow our instructions how to make the pink smokey Aes a romantic evening on Valentine's Day.

Makeup for Valentine's Day

Perfect face

Before applying liqu

id foundation based on the best use of a primer, which will help to ensure stability of makeup and make the skin smoother.Often, before the most important events on our face appear hated acne, but the essential folk recipes for acne are sure to help you get rid of this unpleasant affliction.Saving the primer is applied over day cream.This will allow your face look more well-groomed, and hide the uneven color, shine, redness.Use concealer to mask dark circles under the eyes, of course, if you have them.Apply a thin layer of the normal tonal framework and complete the romantic face makeup powder.

Expressive eyes

on the upper eyelid from the eyelash line up to the crease apply a shimmering purple shade, focusing on the inner corners of the eyes.Use a darker shade of purple on the outer corners of the eyes so that it gradually and imperceptibly into the lighter.

To give your eyes more depth and expressiveness, gently apply electric pink eyeshadow on the midway of the upper eyelid and blend everything carefully.Lash line must be emphasized purple shadows.

nakraste black curls lashes mascara can also curl them with tongs before'll apply mascara.Mascara is applied in two layers, with emphasis on the outer corners of the eyes, as well as in the mid to visually lengthen them.Today it is fashionable to use false eyelashes, it will give your eyes a more dramatic look.

soft cheeks

Use soft lilac-pink blush to the cheeks, cheekbones and carefully select their blend toward temples.

Exciting lips

Which is better to use lipstick or lip gloss?Since the main focus of the makeup we do to the eyes, the lips do not have much to stand out and be very bright.However, what is the make-up on a romantic Valentine's Day, which is to call for a kiss?The lips should be soft, plump and tempting.Therefore, if they are rough and dry, that our cold winter is not uncommon, gently massage them with a toothbrush, then apply a nourishing lip balm and then gloss or lipstick.

That's it!Smoky makeup romantic Valentine's Day in a wave of pink ready.We congratulate you on the holiday and let the evening will be unforgettable!

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