Why do I need to read books?

Why do I need to read books?

What gives a person reading a book?What are the benefits of reading to other available leisure activities?

Certainly, many of us have learned from childhood unshakable truth - read the book useful.That's just who and why - is not entirely clear.What makes a man reading a book?What are their advantages over other sources of information?And if it really is - then why do so few people now read?

Why do we read?

Why do we read?

modern world and the desire to go (and sometimes running) pace with the times and fashion bring about changes in our lives.Whether we like it or not.And now, dear heart often Tomiko world classics preferred evening in front of TV or computer "shooter."Yes, and the desired information can be "fish" from other sources - audio-casts, films, media, various webinars, and simply notes from the World Wide Web.In addition, reading books, even a great desire can not corny enough time.It turns out that nowadays more and more people in response to the question: "What book are you reading?" Say, "

I do not read books."This is especially true of the younger generation, which literally surrounded the hospital with lots of handy gadgets.

Certainly not for us to judge whether it is good or bad.Time does not stand still, and, more likely, it could be argued that all the changes to be expected and natural.Agree, very strange to expect from the modern student, he will sit and write essay (by hand!) In the library, shoveled a mountain of literature.No, of course, he will soon introduce the topic into a search engine, and Google will give him a good several almost finished works - take, choose, assembles, and voila!And world literature, most of all, he read a digest - there is the same "War and Peace" kratenko interpreted in eight to ten pages, and once it is clear who is who and what for whom.Read - and forward, to take the exam.And if once "mill", the second, third ... Do you think if a child sees sense in reading the "originals" will receive any pleasure from the process of reading books?

moot point.On the one hand, positive illustrative examples "read" the relatives and friends will surely arouse the interest in reading at all.And especially - have formed human.But what if the library parental home on the shelves are only the "Russian-English Dictionary" and "How to hammer a nail?"And the child sees mom and dad who read the most glossy magazines and tabloids?Hardly had expressed interest in the classics of world literature, right?

And the phrase: "He should teach in school!" - Not an excuse.Teach some teach, not even a single student did not get a certificate, not being able to read at all.That's just "able" and "actively use" - different things openly.And especially in respect of books.

in older generations have legitimate "excuses."First and foremost - the lack of time.Undoubtedly, the employment of modern man is very great.But even here there is one "but" - according to statistics, the most successful people read a lot.Always.Would you say they are less busy than the rest?The issue here is not to offend anyone or provoke, - no, it's just information for thought.And, as always, only you can decide what to do with it.

What this gives reading books?Let us consider ..

10 reasons why the book should be read

10 reasons why the book should be read

scientists isolated 10 key reasons for reading books for a man is a very useful and important occupation:

1. Improvement imagination and raisingcreativity. reading books, we do draw a picture of what is happening on the plot.Words take on new life, transforming our imagination.In our mind "drawn" sounds, images, smells readable stories.Such exercises miraculously train the brain, namely its "creative muscles."

In addition, reading "foreign" works may provoke ourselves to generate new ideas.It is not important whether it is the idea to write some product or invent something new, or simply come to the idea of ​​a push-solving long-standing problems.The main thing is that these ideas can help change your life.And, perhaps, the lives of others, too.

2. good mental health. According to research scientists, reading able to slow down and even prevent such serious problems, such as dementia and Alzheimer's disease.And all because when reading the brain is constantly on our toes, it is active, that is, in fact, for him, the same charge that the body - physical training.Those people who are in my life read much later age are beginning to notice the deterioration of mental abilities and memory compared to the "unreadable" peers.

In addition, rhythm and richness of the book can help calm the mind and body to get rid of stress.Now it is especially important, because a huge number of people every day are experiencing stressful situations.

3. confidence in themselves and their abilities. observations researchers found that reading books helps people become more confident.It is not surprising, because people usually read erudite, able to demonstrate fundamental knowledge in the conversation in a particular area, thus involuntarily begins to behave in a more confident and collected, his self-esteem is at an adequate level.

4. Increase vocabulary and increase the overall level of literacy. There's probably not worth it for a long time to explain.Reading the works of various genres, people are often faced with unfamiliar words, the terminology is not commonly used in everyday communication.You can see the meaning of the word in the dictionary, but you can only understand it in context.

5. good night's sleep. According to researchers, the systematic reading bedtime enjoyable literature can improve sleep.This is understandable, because the body gets used to such a regime, and soon becomes a read signal for the body - is nearing bedtime.In addition, after such a mild sleep and in the morning you'll be much more cheerful.

6. Improve attention and ability to concentrate. In today's world we are accustomed to constantly juggle multiple cases to divide attention between the Internet, telephone, and communication with other people and a mass of other things.But thanks to this separation is often lost quality of a process, lost the ability to concentrate on a single particularly important matter.In reading, we are obliged to focus on the content of the book, without being distracted by anything else.In addition, reading books helps to develop objectivity, the ability to make informed decisions.

7. development of memory and thinking. According to scientists, people who regularly read books, at least for one hour a day, train and improve your memory.Naturally, because every day they remember any new information for themselves.Those who daily "cooked" in the same situation, information and ideas, not train the memory, and hence unable to remember more.

In addition, for the understanding of the book and the further unfolding of the plot is important to remember a lot of things: the characters, their relationships, and other details.This is and trains memory, and thinking.When reading the book, we are more inclined to talk, to represent in the imagination of a lot of details: the appearance of characters, their clothes, the environment stops.All of this helps us to understand fully the idea works, feel it "tastes".Reading books develops analytical thinking.Readers people see and identify patterns much faster "non-reading".Through reading books, our mind becomes sharper, stronger and faster, stronger ties brain, increases intelligence in general.

8. development of sociability and empathy. Reading books also improve our language skills, the ability to appear beautiful, and clearly express their thoughts in words.Increased talent narrator communicate becomes easier and easier.Readers people are much more likely to be an interesting conversationalist and impress people than those who are not reading relates to the list of favorite things.Of course, because there is always a first set of topics for conversation, drawn from the literature.

addition, capable of reading to bring in people penchant for empathy to others.It appears as a unique chance to "go in the shoes" of another person to look at the world through his eyes, to see his feelings and thoughts.Even (and especially) if the world is very different from yours.Reading a person stops to look at what is happening from a single point - it becomes better able to empathize with others and to feel them.

9. memories. course books can give a person a lot of new knowledge!World unreadable person is usually too small.For any other sources of information, even more popular, capable of producing small particles of all the knowledge that are around you.Reading books reveals to man all the greatness of the world, such as it really is.

People who do not like to read books, to live only one life - his own.Fans of the books have free access to a huge number of lives of real and invented characters can live with them their feelings and experience all that they have experienced.A unique chance to draw experience and lessons learned from other people.This does not in any way interfere with the acquisition of own experiences - on the contrary, seeing the cause and effect relationships in a particular product, you can warn yourself from making mistakes.

also reading books is the second (after the trip) for informative way to learn the culture and the lives of other peoples and countries.Reading the literature about the different countries helps to open, in fact, a new world, here in your comfortable chair, without crossing the threshold of the house.

10. perfection. addition, reading books can help a person to understand himself, to learn about yourself a lot.He may find unexpected solutions, a new look at your life.Putting yourself in the shoes of the hero product, and ask yourself the question: "What would I have done in place of this character?", You can get an unexpected answer.And often even get a hint of practical issues in behavior.

Reading books, people eventually form their own outlook, his view of the world deepened and expanded, revised and form values, beliefs and principles.Many of the books are able to motivate and inspire self-realization, self improvement, increasing its results.In addition, the reader is a young man for a long time - in fact old age begins with the aging of the brain, and enthusiastic reader is not in danger!

Of course, here we have named only the most popular motivations of a man reading a book.Surely, you have secrets about it.Maybe you just love this meditative state close to weightlessness, when you absorb interesting work.Or are you looking for ideas for the plot of his new book.Everyone finds his own reasons that are important for him.The main thing - that the book has brought joy and pleasure, gave strength and taste of magic.Is it - is not a miracle, invented for the benefit of all mankind?

Good you books, interesting stories and true happiness!

«Good you books, interesting stories and true happiness!»
Anna Kutyavina