What to cook blackberry

What can you make of the blackberry

What can you make of blackberry - the top 10 recipes from the magazine f-Journal.Ru

two "relatives" blackberries and raspberries have a certain resemblance.Some believe that the BlackBerry - is the black raspberry, but such a definition is not quite true.Tastes of berries vary greatly among themselves.As they do not describe, but, of course, it is better to try once blackberries, than hundred times to hear about it.Many people rarely use this berry - so, for example, raspberries in our latitudes get a lot more common.However, those who are already familiar with BlackBerry, trying to make it on a regular basis in your diet.Its special "blackberry" taste not only consume the berry in its purest form, but also to combine it with a variety of other ingredients.

Blackberry is a component of many unusual dishes that will adorn any celebration.Delicious desserts and fine salads, soft fragrant drink - it can be made from blackberries.The recipe of each dish, in which there is sweet-sour black be

rry, is a truly unique culinary masterpiece, capable of satisfying the most demanding palates to please the guests for a festive feast or surprise mate during a romantic dinner.

Recipes blackberry

Recipe 1. Salad "Blackberry oranges»

Salad "Blackberry oranges"

Ingredients: 1 cup blackberries, 2 medium oranges, 100 grams of Adygei cheese, 1 bunch arugula, 45 g of walnuts30 g of dried apricots, 30 ml of lemon juice, 55 ml of olive oil.

my arugula and give a little dry.Nuts and cheese cut into medium size pieces.Oranges clean peel, separate each slice and remove the film.Washed apricots cut lengthwise into 3-4 pieces.The arugula salad bowl put the prepared oranges and apricots, add the oil, lemon juice.Mix.Top spread cheese, nuts and washed blackberries.

Recipe 2. salad with blackberry and melon

Salad with blackberry and melon

Ingredients: 180 g blackberries, melons 180 g, 3 h. juice, 1 hr. l.honey, 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream, mint leaves.

berries are washed and laid out on a paper towel to remove moisture.My melon and remove the skin.Cut melon neat neat squares in size proportional to the size of the berries.We spread the blackberry and melon slices on a plate in rows, alternating between them to get a picture in the form of a chessboard.Top Pour honey and orange juice.Garnish each serving with mint leaves and ice cream.

Recipe 3. Cream of blackberry

Cream of blackberry

Ingredients: 1 cup blackberries, 2 medium apples, 30 g sugar, 470 ml of water, 1 tsppotato starch, thick cream for decoration.

my apples, peeled, take out the core and three on a fine grater.Blackberry wash, we give a little dry.Reserve a couple of berries for decorating dishes, and the rest of blackberry using Mangler Juice.Boil water, add berries and scrap obtained leave for 15 minutes with the lid on low heat.Then, the resulting broth is cooled and filtered.Starch divorce in cold boiled water.Strained broth bring to a boil, pour the diluted starch, blackberry juice and grated apples.Turn off the fire when the soup begins to boil.Cooled first at room temperature and is left for a few hours in the refrigerator.Pour portions, decorate with the remaining berries and cream.

Recipe 4. Veal with blackberry sauce

Veal with blackberry sauce

Ingredients: 500 grams of veal, 200 g blackberries, 220 ml of red wine, 15 g of honey, 170 ml of water and 4 sauce, ½ h. l.dry paprika, 2 garlic cloves, basil leaves, salt.

my meat, remove the film and cut into medium size pieces.Put the sliced ​​meat in a container, pour soy sauce and sprinkle with paprika.Mix, we leave it for 45 minutes.In a saucepan, mix water with the wine, add the blackberries and keep on low heat for about 40 minutes.During this time, half of the liquid should evaporate.Garlic grind knife.In a frying pan add the honey, garlic and meat with the marinade.Season with salt sauce as desired and simmer 50 minutes, covered.The finished dish with a side dish portions serve, garnish with basil leaves.

Recipe 5. souffle cake with blackberry

Soufflé cake with blackberries

Ingredients: 290 g flour, 300 grams of blackberry, 180 g of cheese, 2 eggs, 90 g butter, 400 ml heavy cream, 40 grams of sugar,160 g of sugar powder, 200 ml of yoghurt, 20 g of gelatin, a pinch of salt, ½ h. l.baking powder, 6 ml of vegetable oil, baking baskets.

melt the butter in the microwave or by using a water bath, give cool.We sift flour with baking powder.In trying to drive the egg bowl, add the cheese, sugar, salt, melted and cooled down the oil.All the mix.Add the flour, baking powder, knead a soft elastic dough.Roll out thinly, cut out circles from which using a small cup.Forms for baskets grease with vegetable oil, gently spread them pieces of dough.On 15 minutes, leave the form with the dough in the refrigerator.Bake at 185 degrees 20 minutes.

While cool baskets, cook a souffle.To this end, my blackberry, and we give it to dry.Then grind the berries blender.Cream mix with powdered sugar, stir.Gelatin is diluted in water according to the instructions, and then heated it to 70-80 degrees to dissolve.The cream gently introduce yogurt, gelatin and mashed blackberries.Yogurt and gelatin should be mixed at room temperature.Souffle mix and confectionery syringe fill baskets.Before serving dessert should be cooled in the refrigerator.

Recipe 6. Quick berry tart

Quick berry tart

Ingredients: 200 g of flour, 80 grams of brown sugar, 3 eggs, ½ cup of blackberries, ½ cup of cherries, ¼ cup currants, 1½ h. Liter.baking powder, 10 ml of vegetable oil, a bag of vanilla sugar, 25 g of powdered sugar.

my Berries, cherries cleaned from seed.In trying to drive the egg bowl, add brown sugar and half a bag of vanilla sugar.Beat with a mixer.Add the egg mixture to sifted flour and baking powder.Knead the dough with a spoon - it should be rather thin.Baking dish grease with butter, spread the berries on the bottom.Top fill test.Bake at 175 degrees for 30-40 minutes until tender.For 10 minutes before the end time to be included in the top oven heating.To see whether the cake is ready with blackberry, pierce it with a wooden stick - it should remain dry and free of the test.Then turn over berry tart on a dish, decorate with icing sugar.

Recipe 7. cheesecake with blackberry

Cheesecake with blackberries

Ingredients: 140 g shortbread 55 g butter, 110 g of blackberry, 25 g of gelatin, 210 g fat cottage cheese, 150 ml cream high fat, 110 gsugar, 70 ml of water.

Cookies grind at low speed blender or using a rolling pin into a large litter.Oil room temperature placed in a container with cookies, mix thoroughly.This compacted mass at the bottom of the split mold, subject to the refrigerator.While the cake cools, prepare the cream.

my Blackberry.We reserve 8-10 berries decoration, while the remaining was triturated with 70 grams of sugar.Cream whisk with 40 g of sugar until a stable foam, add the cheese, blackberries and sugar, stir again.Granulated gelatin breed according to the instructions in the cool water, then heated to dissolve - up to 70 degrees.A little cool, and send in the cream.Stirred and poured on a basis of oil and biscuits.The cream is cooled to solidification.Decorate with blackberries.

Recipe 8. Cake "Blackberry wine»

Cake "Blackberry wine"

Ingredients: 0.5 kg of blackberry, 840 g heavy cream, 720 grams of sugar, 750 ml of water, 150 ml of white wine, 2 eggs, 4yolk, 180 g of dark chocolate, 60 g flour, 62 g of gelatin (50g in granules, 12 g of the sheet), 40 ml of lemon juice, lemon peel half, 30 ml of liquor, 20 g of potato starch, 1 hr. l.vegetable oil, sectional shape for baking a diameter of 24 and 26 cm.

Beat two eggs with 60g sugar to increase its apparent volume.We sift the flour, gently inserted into the beaten eggs.The shape of 24 cm diameter lined with parchment paper, grease with butter.Pour the dough and bake 10 minutes at 200 degrees.While the cake is cool, cook a souffle.

25 g of granulated gelatin, pour 100 ml of cold water.In a saucepan place the egg yolks, add 70 grams of sugar, grated zest, add 20 ml of wine and lemon juice.We send pan in a water bath and stir the contents whisk until it thickens.Remove from heat, add the gelatin swollen.This mass must be cooled to room temperature.340 g cream, beat with a mixer and combine wine cream.The split mold put the foil so that it blanketed the bottom and sides, and pour cream.Put in refrigerator for freezing.

Cooking jelly layer.Leaf gelatine pour 100 ml of water.Starch is diluted 100 ml of cool water.In a saucepan, pour 200 ml of water, boil, add 150g of sugar and washed blackberries.Give boil for 5 minutes.Broth strain, rubbing the berries through a sieve to remove seeds.Then bring to a boil, pour the starch solution.Cook, stirring, until thickened.Then cooled to 70-80 degrees, add gelatin, 20 ml of lemon juice, liquor, stirred and cooled.The jelly is poured into the form on the cream and leave in the fridge for half an hour.Put the cake on top and go to the refrigerator for 7-10 hours.

Cooking chocolate layer.25 g of gelatin was diluted 100 mL of water.150 ml of water was heated to 440 g sugar.Add the remaining cream.When bubbles appear, remove from heat.Add the gelatin and grated chocolate, whisk.Frozen cake exempted from sides shapes and turns in the form of a larger diameter.Chocolate mass cover top and sides, cooled for 3 hours.

Recipe 9. Blackberry jam

Blackberry Jam

Ingredients: 1.3 kg of blackberries, 1.3 kg sugar, 1 large lemon.

blackberries washed, separating the stalk.Limon mine.Lemon zest Grate.In a bowl with the zest squeezing lemon juice.Put the blackberries in a pan with a thick bottom.Pour her sugar, add the lemon juice and zest.Pan put on a little fire, leave regularly stirring to dissolve sugar.After keeping the jam over high heat for 10 minutes, constantly interfering.Banks are sterilized in hot fill packaging hot blackberry jam.Banks rolls lids.Sterilize bottles filled with boiling water, which should reach the shoulder of cans, 10 minutes.

Recipe 10. Milkshake Blackberry

Milkshake Blackberry

Ingredients: 1 cup blackberries, 400 ml of milk of high fat, 400 g of vanilla ice cream, 1 medium orange, 8 pieces of ice, 4 slices of lemon, mint for decoration.

Blackberry washed and spread on paper towels to dry out the berries.Orange purify, separate each slice, shoot the film and extract the bone.The capacity put blackberries, peeled orange slices and ice cream.Using a blender becomes a homogeneous mass of the contents of the container.Continuing to whisk, gradually pour in the milk.The glasses we put on two ice cubes and pour the cocktail.Garnish with mint leaves, on the edge of glasses put on a slice of lemon.

recipes, which include blackberries, allow to cook not only amazingly tasty, but also healthy food.This berry - a natural vitamin complex, which leads to the overall strengthening of the organism and, consequently, improve health and mood.Those include blackberries in your diet, provide yourself protection against colds.In addition, the nutrients of this fruit help fight atherosclerosis and improve blood composition.