From what to wear skirt pack

what to wear with a skirt pack

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Whatwear a skirt to pack this skirt looks elegant and harmonious in the women's image

skirt tutu - fluffy, airy and feminine thing which is very easy to create a stylish and unusual ensemble.This skirt attracts women so that wearing it every lady feels like a graceful ballerina.The fluffy skirt tutu has a wonderful property to make the women's waist thinner and more elegant by volume and airiness.

should remember an important rule , to skirt tutu harmoniously looked and did not violate the proportions of the body, it is necessary to complement the good things tight fitting silhouette.The ideal complement to the skirt-pack always been and will be the most fitting figure T-shirts, tank tops, turtlenecks.Luxurious and feminine looks blend skirt with a corset-tutu such an ensemble is the perfect solution for the publication or any other special event.Wearing a skirt-pack of spring or autumn it sho

uld be combined with a narrow leather jacket - black leather jackets better if the jacket is black, and vice versa skirt bright and juicy shades.Fashionable supplement pack skirt leggings and look stylish knee-length leggings.

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Depending on the selected color to the skirt-pack you can create one or another female character, namely by white or pink tutu andexpanding its pastel tones top, she will look romantic and remind ballerina.Choosing a skirt-pack of bright color or black leather jacket expanding it - black leather jackets with little effort, you can create an image of a creative style "glam - rock."

From what to wear skirt-pack - Accessories

To skirt the best accessory pack will be a classic female belt worn at the waist.As the bags best option would be a small model of the geometric shape and clutches.It is not necessary to wear a skirt massive jewelry on his neck, and if you want something - something most good option are the large bracelets.

From what to wear skirt-pack - shoes

feminine and romantic with a pack of skirt looks elegant shoes with high heels, this combination will give the image of grace and elegance.Creative and stylish looks combination of coarse lace-up boots with a skirt, a pack - a favorite combination of modern youth subcultures.Do not combine this skirt with ballet flats, this combination will bring to the young people and the image.If we talk about boots, it is necessary to give preference to models with high heels, well fitting leg and knee-length boots are also a good addition to the skirt-pack.

From what to wear skirt pack - it does not overload the image of bulky things, and let this be the center of the skirt and the most magnificent part of the ensemble.

Fashion designer Natalia Soloid for the site «f-Journal.Ru»

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