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style of glam rock

attire "Glam rock» (Glam rock) - a theory of style and its features (photos)

attire "Glam - Rock» - a style wheresexuality, brutality and a certain theatricality is so organically intertwined, allowing this style over 40 years to stay at the peak of popularity among the people of bold and free.

woman, dressed in the style of "Glam - rock" - is alluring beast that attracts men daring way, but at the same time not devoid of femininity, elegance and chic.Style "Glam - rock" was formed in the 70 - ies.The twentieth century, and the name comes from the word «glamorous» (charming) because many rockers 70 - x.I wanted to bring the image of glamor, brilliance and luster thereby making the image more attractive and luxurious.

attire "Glam - rock" - a review of the designer Natalia Soloid

colors and fabrics

Centro Stile "Glam - rock" is a leather and patent leather, lace, silk, andRecently added chiffon, knitted fabric and embroidered sequins.It is worth noting that the thing made of s

kin - a mandatory element of any band in this style.The combination of materials to create a stylish, bright and unusual way in which the prestige and luxury are dominant.

color palette style clothing "Glam - rock" is not wide, but it is the dominant color is black, and all shades are also present white, ink, red.Modern fashion somewhat expanded color palette of this style, bringing it gray, silver, gold, electrician, fuchsia.This color range allows you to create enchanting and colorful ensembles, but do not deprive them of their restraint and brutality.

silhouettes and details

attire "Glam - rock 'sexy , therefore distinguishing feature of style semilying and skinny silhouette.Things in the style of "Glam - rock" have a clear shape and the right silhouette and negligence of the image is created by a combination of artificially narrow stretch things and things semiadherent silhouette.Semiadherent things in this style - it's not one size larger things, but things clearly follows the contours and curves of the body, with clear and correct shoulder lines that are created using a special cut.

details that distinguish the style of "Glam - rock" from the rest of this oblique zipper, plenty of things to slide fasteners and pockets with zipper, and most importantly, the zipper should only be metallic and shiny.This style also allowed lacing, the presence of pockets of input invoices can be used, but very rarely, small tucks and warehouses, not complicated and voluminous draperies otstrochnye seams to match the product.Decorated with a variety of things this style metal rivets and buckles, as well as Swarovski crystals and metal chains.

elements wardrobe

leather jacket leather jackets, tight leather pants, shorts, vest, ripped pants - something without which it does not create a sexy image of luxury rocker.This style is accept, in addition elegant and rigorous shirts, blouses with a bow or small ruffles and tunics and knit shirts and T-shirts.T-shirts with sequins - it is an integral part of women's wardrobe in style "Glam - rock."

Shoes & Accessories

accessories give a special glamor to this style, namely decorations in the form of crosses, skulls and dragons hit brutality and eccentricity, and sunglasses, massive chains and bracelets with spikes, as well as Bondi and bagsbring lots of rivets in the way of shocking and refinement.

Shoes in the style of "Glam - Rock» - it's shoes with high or low heels, but always with the original design and lots of rivets and buckles.Solid shoes and shoes of this style, which brings a delicate feminine image aspect of bullying and creativity.High boots with metal decor - it's a classic style "Glam - rock" without them to create feminine and sexy image.

«Glam - rock" and features pieces

This style of clothing is not able to hide the flaws of the female figure and therefore a woman who decided to become a lady "Glam - rum" is necessary, first of all, spend some time in the gym, giving your bodyin perfect view.But it should be said that women are fragile and delicate nature of this style brings the image of sexuality, brightness and glamor.

Clothing style "Glam - rock" - fashion trends

modern fashion is not spared style "Glam - rock" expand the range of acceptable clothing in the wardrobe lady brutal.Lace dress, mini - skirt, - of tulle tutu, corset, black trouser suit strict - is new items of clothing, which naturally fit into this style, without spoiling it, but on the contrary bringing in style "Glam - rock" to create a new variationimage, where glamor and sexuality are inseparable.

Dress Style "Glam Rock" Dress Style "Glam Rock" Dress Style "Glam Rock" Dress Style "Glam Rock" Dress Style "Glam Rock" Dress Style "Glam Rock" Dress Style "Glam Rock" Dress Style "Glam Rock" Dress Style "Glam Rock" Dress Style "Glam Rock" Dress Style "Glam Rock" Dress Style "Glam Rock" Dress Style "Glam Rock" Dress Style "Glam Rock" Dress Style "Glam Rock"

attire "Glam - Rock» give women the image of sexuality and brutality, but at the same time does not deprive the image of womanhoodand romanticism, but this style of dress as much as possible corresponds to the emancipation of the lifestyle of modern society and enchanting night life.

designer Natalia Soloid for the site «f-Journal.Ru»

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