From what to wear leopard skirt

From what to wear leopard skirt

From what to wear leopard skirt to create a stylish image with no hint of vulgarity

Many women avoid skirts with leopard print since very afraid to go too far in the way sexuality and vulgarity.You can safely say that the line is actually relative and if wearing a dress is not only to supplement it catchy accessories, from the leopard skirt things more difficult.

leopard skirt sexy and provocative thing , but with the right combination may well turn into a stylish and luxurious part of the female wardrobe.It is necessary to remember an important rule when choosing to buy a leopard skirt need only model made of expensive and high-quality fabric, since the fabric is cheap on a skirt spoil the most correct and perfect combination.Leopard skirt knitwear is certainly not the right choice - a choice in favor of cheapness and vulgarity of the future image.Prestige and solidity of the female form will give the model of satin, chiffon, linen, skin, both natural and artificial with the print, as

well as high quality costume of fabric with such predatory pattern.

From what to wear leopard skirt - Mini

Leopard mini skirt - thing that you need to be careful and very carefully selected for her additions and accessories to get sexy image and bright, but not provocative and franklyvulgar

important to remember that leopard mini - skirt thing screaming and calling, so strict and conservative top, that balance the female image in a stylish and prestigious side.The most perfect riding for a mini - skirt is strictly golf.A good option for a leopard skirt - small narrow fitted silhouette classic jacket, which will be the maximum decoration original and rigorous metal buttons.Top black - is a versatile option, but also goes well with leopard print brown, camel, beige.Stylish image for the city, you can create by combining leopard skirt - small brown jacket with black leather jackets made of genuine suede and complement the ensemble help suede boots differ in color from the jacket to the tone or two, bag matching shoes and blouse or sweater to match lipstick desirable peach or coralcolors.Add a feminine image of style and modern accessories to help with the original rough and metal decor - riveting and buckles become superfluous in accessories.From shoes the best option for small to be boots or boots to the knee.

From what to wear leopard skirt - pencil

Leopard pencil skirt - for confident women with a claim to dominance and are not afraid to openly declare their sexuality and emancipation

This skirt should be able to wear, can not bewear leopard skirt - pencil and doubt in his own irresistible, confident gait and head held high must be accompanied by a lady in a skirt, regardless of the views and opinions of the environment.Black jacket, perfectly sitting on a figure, austere black blouse with short sleeves and a black chiffon asymmetrical cut top will always be the perfect companion as provocative skirt.Complement the image of a high-heeled shoes stud, thin belt and a clutch of black or beige.Leopard skirt - pencil can make a good duo with a white shirt on the type of men, but then shoes and accessories should be selected the same color, namely either black or coral, or terra cotta color.The most successful models of the shoe will be shoes on a high heel pumps - pin, woven sandals and high-heeled shoes and elegant, and winter boots - with a thin stockings and high heels.

From what to wear leopard skirt - maxi

Leopard maxi skirt flared silhouette and flying is a great solution to create a stylish way of evening

Black top over one shoulder, fine black shoes or botiltony massive braceletselegant klachi help give women the image of sophistication and prestige.Of course, if you want the brightness and eccentricity can be combined leopard skirt - maxi topom with golden color - it can be a model of a beautiful texture of expensive lace or fabric embroidered with gold sequins.With regards to footwear under such a bold way is to choose a model gold color, and with accessories and you can experiment with either gold or with a leopard print.In summer day, adding leopard skirt - maxi braided sandals flat shoes brown or beige, beige top, woven bag and a hat with a wide brim straw and beautiful wide belt with a metal decor, you can create a romantic image of a traveler from a distant savannas.

From what to wear leopard skirt - remember that the right combination of composition and proposed experts and the experts of the fashion world, as a skirt with such exotic print dislikes liberties and experiments.

Fashion designer Natalia Soloid for the site «f-Journal.Ru»