Men's Collection «Yves Saint Laurent» Winter 2012-2013


Men's clothing collection «Yves Saint Laurent» Winter 2012-2013 manly concise and fully not standard

Fashion house «Yves Saint Laurent» presented January 20, 2012 ActorCollection Winter 2012 - 2013 performed in a strict and austere manner.

male image , represented in the collection winter 2012 - 2013 simple, concise and elegant.Man from «Yves Saint Laurent» - an urban dandy discreet and confident.It is said that every thing is the collection made in the classical manner, but not without at the same time due to the extraordinary originality of design.

Colors men's collection «Yves Saint Laurent» Winter 2012 - 2013 - a black, gray and white.But it's worth noting that these three colors in harmony with each other, more practical, and loved by men, rather than the other colors and shades, so the collection can be called a male and wearable.

menswear fabrics «Yves Saint Laurent» Winter 2012 - 2013 - is equal to the selection in the direction of genuine black leather and glossy blac

k costume fabrics with sheen, also used wool and semi-woolen costume fabric, knitwear, as well as for high-quality cottonshirts.

Silhouettes men's collection «Yves Saint Laurent» Winter 2012 - 2013 - a narrow fitted silhouette for suits and coats, polupretalenny urban ensembles and jackets.Things strictly and exquisitely combine the finishing of other materials, namely suits and wool supplemented with elegant leather details.A distinctive feature of the collection of steel, men's trousers shortened course not standard though not new, but it seems the time has come when men's socks will be no less important and visible element of the ensemble on a par with women's tights.

Men's Collection «Yves Saint Laurent» Winter 2012 - 2013 - costumes

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costumes presented in a new collection of simple and elegant, made entirely in black.Jackets have both single-breasted fastener and double-breasted models are presented and the standard length and coats.Interesting design elements are leather on strict classical costumes, namely leather lapels, collars, edgings, shoulder yoke in the area.The proposed models should be combined only with trousers - pipes, white shirt and black tie.Male figure in a suit unordinary, modern, not devoid of creativity, but it is elegant and concise.

Men's Collection «Yves Saint Laurent» Winter 2012 - 2013 - trousers

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House «Yves Saint Laurent» Winter 2012 - 2013 offered several models of trousers for men.The most widely represented men's trousers - pipes - it is very narrow and not too model as the standard length and truncated, made in black or gray.Cropped trousers - pipes asked to wear a shoe like that was visible socks - is an option for the most daring fashionistas with shoes and this version looks stylish and elegant and will not spoil the image of the male, but only bring it option eccentricity and individuality.The new winter collection also presents pants - bananas, but they are interpreted - new, having a free top, they are sharply narrowed to the bottom, and the arrow integral element of trousers.Presented pants - bananas in gray and black.The collection also presents the classical model straight narrow trousers made of black leather with a glossy sheen.

Men's Collection «Yves Saint Laurent» Winter 2012 - 2013 - shirts, sweaters, socks

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white classic shirt - it's the only model presented in the collection.Sweaters presented in a wider range - it basically models made of thin knitted with different ascetic leather inserts.Men's socks by «Yves Saint Laurent» Winter 2012 - 2013 varied models and offered with or without studs and leather elements, and a rigorous thin knitted.

Men's Collection «Yves Saint Laurent» Winter 2012 - 2013 - coats and jackets

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Men coat «Yves Saint Laurent» Winter 2012 - 2013 - a model to his knees narrow fitted silhouettewith clean lines and a double-breasted fastening.Complement black fur coat collars are not fluffy fur and a series of strict buttons.Coat «Yves Saint Laurent» Winter 2012 - 2013 model, full of elegance and glamor, but rigorous and concise.Although when it comes to jackets, represented in the collection - a tribute to freedom and brutality as jacket «Yves Saint Laurent» Winter 2012 - 2013 black leather jacket - black leather jackets straight silhouette with a metal zipper, and favorably complements the small collar of black is not fluffy fur.An unusual design solution became several models of jackets - leather jackets with short sleeves - this unusual move, but at the same time without the right to popularity.

Men's Collection «Yves Saint Laurent» Winter 2012 - 2013 - a daring thing for fashionistas who prefer clothes of masculine elegance, brevity and originality.

Fashion designer Natalia Soloid for the site «f-Journal.Ru»