Aromatherapy at home


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Aromatherapy is popular today, and not by accident.We are gradually returning to that lost - due to the nature.Aromatherapy, which may arrange for themselves at home everyone can be a great way to relieve stress, to help in the treatment of various diseases.

Today, a procedure such as aromatherapy, offering almost every beauty salon, but to relax, breathing in the wonderful scents of nature, not necessarily to visit the salon, you can at home and arrange for themselves a wonderful spa session.

Aromatherapy at home

Indications and contraindications

Aromatic oils are used in carrying out a wide variety of health, beauty and relaxation treatments: taking baths, relax in the sauna, rinse, inhalation, masks, peels, wraps.

for aromatherapy sessions there are no contraindications, these should not only deal with people suffering from allergies, high blood pressure, people with coronary heart dis

ease and asthma.Caution should be used essential oils in pregnancy.

can cause allergic reaction as the oil itself, and creams that are used as a basis.If you do not know whether there will have an allergic reaction - it can be verified.Apply a drop of oil on the wrist or the elbow.Suitable or not you this oil, it will be clear in a few minutes.If the application site is formed swelling, oil clearly is not appropriate, and if only a slight reddening and burning - that have allergies.

Application oils

oil can be selected or specifically, given a specific problem, or just for fun, rest and relaxation.The qualities of essential oils are very diverse, some help in healing from diseases other energized and produce a tonic effect, and others - a great way to relax and get rid of insomnia.

All of us in terms of city life subject to constant stress and know how to relax - it is very important.From the constant stress there is a lot of diseases.Oil rose, lavender, ylang ylang and chamomile - a great tool for relaxation and stress relief.Oil of pine, cedar helps with colds, and if stuffy nose - well done inhalation with lemon, orange and grapefruit oil.Some believe that the essential oils help even when losing weight.You can check.Among the oils, which, say experts, contribute to this - fennel oil, ginger and rosemary.

to use of aromatic oils in the home, you can cook the mixture prior to use, and you can make a mixture for repeated use.This will require a bottle of green and brown glass, as long as the glass was dark, essential oils and base oils.As the base oil typically used almond or olive oil.The resulting mixture should be stored in a dry, dark place.

spa mainly offer aromatic baths and aromatherapy massage, and one such procedure is not so cheap.House easily you can create a pleasant atmosphere for yourself useful and take a bath.
You will need sea salt (it dissolves oil better), your chosen oil and hot water (35-40 degrees).Dosage oil - a drop of 10 liters of water.Before taking a bath is not recommended to drink alcohol and to gorge.The first few times, take a bath no more than seven minutes, gradually increasing the duration of the procedure before the hour.

Aroma oils can enrich shampoo or cream, your favorite oil can also be used to flavor clothing.Put in a wardrobe a cotton swab moistened with a few drops of oil, or rinse the laundry, add oil to the water, and your favorite things will be fragrant aroma and uplifting.


Aromakurilnitsa - a great tool for creating indoor intimate relaxing atmosphere.Today, a variety of commercially available oil burner, which in themselves will decorate any room.The best option - a ceramic lamp, the volume of which is not less than 40 ml, and the distance from the vessel to a candle - 8-10 cm. The lamps are sold in souvenir shops, special departments pharmacies, esoteric stores.

Prepare a mixture or use your favorite oil, decorate the room with flowers, turn on your favorite music quiet - and enjoy the peace and comfort of its fragrant atmosphere.This simple pleasure can deliver to them every, and its positive impact is undeniable.