How to get rid of wrinkles at home


about home recipes against wrinkles on his face tells the magazine «f-Journal.Ru»

Nature is always concerned about female beauty and originality.She generously gives women the opportunity to stay young and attractive, giving her the strength and energy of herbs and plants.Natural composition of recipes against wrinkles, time-tested and prepared at home, not only to retain purse costly salons, but also give the skin of youth and beauty.

6 ways to get rid of wrinkles at home

1. Lemon and sugar

in half a lemon, cut into 2 pieces, sprinkled 1/3 teaspoon brown sugar.Soft and gentle strokes, following the massage lines, rub lemon and sugar into the skin.It is important not to touch the eye area.Before the procedure, it is recommended to test for allergies.On the inside of the hands is applied lemon juice and after 15 minutes evaluates the results.If a nasty skin reaction does not appear, the variant with lemon suits you.Apply lemon and sugar for best results should be every night befor

e bed.

2. Pasta avocado

If the flesh of the avocado halves fresh mix with a teaspoon of essential oil or olive oil, you can cook the unique properties of the paste to remove wrinkles.Consistency left on the skin for 20 minutes and then thoroughly rinsed with warm water.

3. Cucumber slices

This handsome green has long won the leading position in the domestic beauty industry.And all thanks to its natural properties.A few slices of cucumber placed on the skin for 15 minutes, can do to minimize the appearance of wrinkles.Cucumber procedure refreshes the skin and filled with vitamins.Cucumber also effectively removes dark circles under the eyes.

4. Vitamin C

function of this vitamin - restoration of damaged and worn-out cells of the skin.Experts believe that vitamin C increases the elasticity of the skin, gives her energy to health and beauty.Furthermore, vitamin C is an effective means of getting rid of dark age spots.The skin after it rejuvenated and fresh.

5. egg white and honey

Applying egg whites with 1/3 spoon of honey is comparable to lifting.This unique and most valuable composition of the consistency can significantly reduce the number of wrinkles.To obtain the desired result, the protein is separated from the yolk and mixed with honey, left on the face for 30 minutes, then rinsed.A remarkable effect is visible already after 1 week if daily repeating this evening.

6. Rosewater

Omitting clean piece of cotton cloth in a bowl of rose water and blotted movements touching the face, especially around the eyes, you get pleasure not only from the enchanting fragrance of rose water, but also from the stunningeffect that gives a care for his own skin.Rose water, filled with essential oils of roses, it has a softening and moisturizing properties, improves skin elasticity, removes puffiness.In the summer to cool off, fill the spray bottle and spray rose water on your skin.At sea, rose water is recommended to use throughout the body, in order to avoid burns.

Add more to all recipes invigorating power of the water. daily adding in a lot of your body water reserves - clean water, herbal teas - you increase the elasticity of the skin.So, keep her beauty and youth!

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