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SPA-therapy - History and results of

Abbreviation, with which we are confronted in recent years, more and more often, for many people still remains misunderstood.SPA - what is it?

history of the birth and development of SPA-procedures

«Sanus per aqua» - exactly SPA stands, and from Latin means "health through water".But in today's world, this term implies a wellness center, in which a man in a short time can get rid of stress, rejuvenate, make a beautiful body.Now SPA-center are a real alternative to a nursing home.They are usually located outside the city, so people tend to go there for 2-3 days, and then, for a whole week.

Still in V-VI centuries BCthanks to the knowledge of the healing properties of the sea in ancient Greek tradition came to take a bath to refresh the spirit and relax the body.Over the centuries it has evolved into a global, very popular system centers, salons, resorts, hotels, spas, "with the prefix» SPA, which closely follow the latest in SPA-therapy and try to

work in accordance with them.With this approach, more and more people every day are discovering the benefit of SPA-procedures, in which the atmosphere of the world of bliss, peace and harmony, which is so lacking in modern man.

So what is it that brings benefit a set of procedures that make up the SPA-vacation?

Use of SPA-procedures

is important to understand that the SPA - is, above all, improvement.In our difficult time, each person is very profitable to engage in their health, yet he's all right.We must learn to control their own health, engage in prevention, otherwise the medicine (for our money) for the rest of our lives will control the disease.

The SPA-care involves all five human senses: hearing, sight, taste, smell, touch.Where the body comfortable, comfortable and soul.In the special atmosphere, which implies SPA-procedures, surrounded by pleasant shade, soft music, magic scents person is fully relaxed, finding harmony, peace of mind and physical health.The blood is saturated with oxygen, toxins are removed from the body, resulting in improved appearance of the skin, hair improve their health, increases vitality, improves performance and mood disappears stiffness in the joints and gait appear before lack of lightness.

SPA-programs help improve your figure after childbirth, promote weight loss, rejuvenation of the body and its recovery operations.SPA-treatments are ideal for stress relief, recuperation, gaining harmony of body and soul.

Using the gifts of nature - forest and mountain air, salt caves, thermal waters, peat, mud, sea salt, seaweed and other medical sources that we can protect ourselves from many health problems and resolve those that already have.This is the main value of SPA-therapy.Its application - this is an opportunity for every woman to stay longer young and beautiful, to live an active life, maintaining good health and a slim figure.

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