Secrets of a beautiful breast shape

beautiful shape of the breast

on her always pay attention to men when they look at a woman.How many poems and paintings devoted to her beauty.It's about a woman's breast

Regardless of the size, it requires special care with the youth.Bust changes during pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations during each month when hormonal changes.For example, sharp fluctuations in weight stretch the skin, and if they occur frequently, breasts sag, losing elasticity, stretch marks appear.

What you need to have a beautiful chest

What you need to do that in every age the chest remained resilient, beautiful and attracted enthusiastic eyes of others?We will share with you my observations.

1. Stable weight

Determine the weight in which you as comfortable as possible, and try to stick within the limits of 1-2 kilograms.If much better, do not try to lose weight quickly.This is the risk of stretch marks on the breasts, loss of elasticity and it is likely to quickly gain hateful kilograms after cutting their losses.The most ef

fective way to safely lose weight - dinner until 18.00, but portions should be small, and the food - light.

2. Say "no" self-healing

Be very careful with the use of hormonal drugs.Never self-medicate, if there is any malfunction in the body that you risk doubling their number.As a rule, since taking hormones, a woman becomes dependent on them: if drinking pills - all right, stops drinking - disease returned.This is a very serious problem of our time.Treat need not result, as the cause.

3. Douches in conjunction with hydro

Cool water is very useful for breast skin.Aim the stream of water on the chest area, then gradually go to the muscle of the cavity and chest.Remember that the nipples and the area around them is very sensitive, try to avoid exposure to it.5 minutes of this massage are enough to make your skin firmer breasts.

4. Hand massage and regular surveys

to save the breast shape it is also very effective.Movement should be light, flavorful, tender.Ideally, a light massage a woman needs to do every day, and every six months it is desirable to conduct a survey of the mammary glands in mammalogy.

5. Sea salt

baths with sea salt, not only tighten the chest, but also purify the whole body, especially in combination with massage.By improving blood flow cleans, adjusts metabolism, the skin becomes velvety.

6. Moisturize

Moisturizers should be applied necessarily, because the skin on the chest is very delicate and sensitive.If you buy them at the pharmacy, make sure the quality of the cosmetics.
You can also use homemade recipes.One of the simplest and most effective - cucumber paste infused with alcohol.

Recipe №1 - peeled cucumber medium-sized ground on a grater, pour 10 tablespoons of alcohol, the dishes are placed in an opaque tightly sealed and put in the dark for a week.Then filter and add as much water as it turned tinctures.The resulting lotion rubbed the skin for 5 minutes before taking a shower (give soak).

Recipe №2 - oatmeal get a great mask.50 g flakes pour 250 ml boiling water, allow to swell and cause pulp chest for 10 minutes.

Recipe №3 - rubbed into mush cabbage (3 pages), add a few drops of olive oil (anti-aging), avocado oil (softening), wild rose (against sagging) or jojoba (regenerative effect) and likewise deposited slurryon the chest for 10 minutes.

7. Exercise

very useful to constantly train the muscles that support the breasts.The most useful techniques - it lifts dumbbells, push-ups, as well as exercise "prayer": Put your hands at chest level, palms and pinch so that they closely contact with each other.Maximum squeeze the palm for a few seconds to feel the tension in the muscles.Repeat 10-15 times.

8. The correct bra

Linen must be properly chosen, very user friendly, made of natural fabrics.If the back of the bra "jumps" straps dig into your skin and the chest itself is not placed in a cup or something squashed by - all signs that picked the wrong bra.When large volumes of mammary glands and sports a must wear a bra.

We hope that these tips will help you keep a beautiful breast shape, and every day to feel confident and attractive.

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