What makeup do not like men


Female eye makeup men - some men do not like make-up?

Opinion male stylists and ordinary men about women's makeup is radically different.Stylists believe that the most attractive looks and made up pomaded lady with false eyelashes, red lipstick, rouge and makeup "Smokey Eyes".But if we take into account the results of surveys from time to time carry out men's magazines, it turns out that the idea of ​​female beauty in men are quite different.So whether we women chasing fashion, mindlessly follow the advice of stylists and makeup artists spend a lot of money on cosmetics?Or listen to what men say?At least learn the man's opinion will be interesting, and whether to take note of it - it's up to you of course.Thus, the female eye makeup men - do not like men in women's make-up?

Men look at women's makeup

Eyeshadow blue and blue

Just such colors recommend makeup artists for an evening make-up club-style "disco".But it turns out, men categorically do not accept these colors, calling eye

makeup in shades of blue and blue "a la ABBA."Staro, loudly, and even vulgar - that is the opinion of men on this item.

aggressive colors for makeup «smoky eyes»

As it turned out, makeup «smoky eyes» in bright, iridescent colors of men prefer to admire from afar and only on billboards, but not in real life.His chosen one as huge ink circles around the eyes, they do not want to see.Classic smoky «smoky eyes» with black decoration outside corners of the eyes, which are so fond of women, men do not like - the common makeup makes the woman into something mediocre, absurd, standard.

Makeup in the style of "vamp»

This makeup does not lend itself masculine understanding - of what a sweet young lady to do something violent, frightening, daubed in black and red?Red lipstick and black eyeliner is good for the theater stage, but what in life look so scary?It is unlikely that such a make-up is able to attract men, rather - and scare off guard.

Lipstick bright color, sticky lip gloss, lip liner

In the men's "black list" a lot of shades of lipstick, but perhaps the most surprising reaction was the red lipstick.Which only argument against this trend was not made - vulgar, old-fashioned, looks very unfeminine, is associated with the mother, and therefore do not want to kiss, tired scour traces of lipstick from the skin and shirt.We add that it is very fashionable this season neon shades of lipstick, too, did not deserve the favor of men.As well as lip gloss with a sticky consistency and pencils loop from which remains on the lips even when the lipstick was gone.

overhead and lush lashes

Fashion trend make-up in 2012 - false eyelashes.It is a favorite among makeup artists, but a normal part of the male population is not held in high esteem.The most innocuous definition of such a make-up - "burenkiny eyelashes" and "cow look", and some who speak more radically - "standard cheap brothel."Approximately the same attitude to the natural lashes coated with three layers of mascara.Of course, women can advance your argument - it is not all nature has awarded elegant eyelashes and mascara without makeup is not makeup.Here's what you can do to lashes look natural: use beam eyelashes of different lengths, then the transition from the inner corner of the eye to get a natural appearance.Mascara You may not be necessary.

eyebrows "thread" and thick eyebrows

Men's nature abhors extremes, and look nice because most girls who have the natural shape of the eyebrows.Men do not understand why you need to pluck her eyebrows, making them thin thread, a pencil and then try to draw that to pull out?Thick, thick eyebrows, too, cause negative feelings - they are good for the image of brutal men, for the image of the man-athlete, but not for girls.

«Bust" with foundation and powder

How joke men - "trying to hide minor problems, the woman all her face turns into a continuous problem."To some extent they are right - is that a layer of foundation and powder so tightly that the face looks like a mask.Better natural paleness and "native" pimples than a layer of plaster - this is the opinion of half of mankind.

Perfume with a sharp or heavy smell

This is a real headache for men.Feminist aromas with notes of tobacco, leather and other heavy odors annoy them, strong floral aromas and sickly-sweet smell of fruit they do not like, and even perfume should not resemble the one that was used by "ex", and yet - like the man himself.In general, if it is difficult to know what smells like your man, you'd better choose the fragrance together.

In the "black list" were false nails and tanning.About nails already written a lot - this is an attribute of female beauty for men at least a sense of caution, and at best - the desire to cut frightening manicure.As for tanning, the female body unnatural orange, and even with spots, nothing but disgust in men causes.

So it is not all that popular with women, will be enjoyed by both men and much of what we consider beautiful, fashionable and stylish men absolutely do not like."Tune" of women, many men simply can not tolerate, an abundance of cosmetics are not welcome, and in general - a man for that makeover was minimal, imperceptible.And if she can afford to do without make-up at all - it's just great!