Keratin hair straightening - aesthetic and curative effect

Keratin hair straightening

keratin hair straightening - what keratin straightening treatment (technique), the effect of the procedures, reviews

Nature has created a woman so that she was always dissatisfied with something.Those with straight hair from birth, constantly curl them into curls, well, holders of lush head of hair curly dream of straight hair.

keratin hair straightening - a relatively recent development in the field of hair care, but has already received high praise those who have tried the method on herself.

All methods of hair straightening, which existed before the advent of keratin straightening, destroying the hair structure - whether it's chemical or thermal effect.But after straightening keratin hair even improve their health, feasting upon this natural substance.

What is keratin

Keratin - a natural component of our skin, hair and nails.Over time, under the influence of negative factors - poor quality and poor diet, air pollution, smoking, drinking, etc. Drinking, the body loses its n

atural keratin, and skin and hair while fading, looks tired and faded.

When keratin hair straightening its molecules penetrate the hair structure and appearance of hair in addition to straightening significantly improved.The hair is shiny, strong, resilient, getting a natural component loses over time.

Keratin fills the pore structure of the hair and lush curls aligned.

keratin hair straightening procedure

  1. must first wash your hair to remove sebum and dirt.
  2. then to the hair, starting from 1 cm from the roots, the composition is applied to keratin.
  3. hair dried in the usual way with a brush and a hair dryer, if necessary, to complete the iron is used rectifier.

procedure takes about three hours.

Keratin - is the main protein that is part of the hair, 90% of our hair is made up of it.So that this procedure has a therapeutic effect, reducing the hair structure.The structure of the hair is enriched, strong hair is getting protection from solar radiation, cigarette smoke.

After the procedure within three days need to watch out for and take care of their hair - the use of rubber bands, pins, even the glasses in the head is prohibited.In the salon, where you did keratin hair straightening, you also have to give a mask and a special shampoo for further care.

style your hair after this procedure is much easier, you'll spend less time on styling.

composition contains keratin straightening and a small percentage of formaldehyde, but some manufacturers already offer the keratin formula does not contain formaldehyde.It is more expensive, but its use is safer.

effect procedure

after keratin hair straightening effect lasts 2-4 months.Much depends on the type of hair, the composition of which you applied.

If you dye your hair and want to make keratin straightening, hair should be painted before the procedure.And if you have a desire to disguise after straightening, it can be done only after waiting two weeks.

keratin hair straightening - Reviews

Many women who undergo hair straightening keratin, they say that the hair is perfectly smooth just before the first wash.Usually, after washing former smoothness disappears, but the hair looks healthy, strong, shiny and not as shaggy and much more obedient.

It turns out that this procedure has undeniable health benefits, but the quality of straightening the hair depends on the type and composition, which used a barber.Here are all individually.

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