Women Espadrilles - Fashionable summer shoes!

Espadrilles women

Espadrilles (female) - what it is and what to wear?

That summer shoes stunningly beautiful, the proud name of "espadrilles" soon flood the trendy shops and our love will conquer Russian fashionistas, no doubt about it.These cute slippers woven cloth soles is not the first uneven breathing the whole of Europe, while Russia has yet to survive the expansion seemingly unremarkable summer shoes.

espadrilles - a self-made shoes with centuries of history

Externally espadrilles women really look very simple and similar to the home-made footwear: the top of the canvas, linen or heavy cotton fabric, sole - rope or jute.Since then, as in the XIII century Catalan peasants to the tarred soles sewn woven top of linen, espadrilles have become one of the most inexpensive and convenient kinds of shoes.At first it was worn only by Spaniards, then the French took over, it became more and more popular, and since the XIX century, the production of shoes became engaged in the whole family of artisans.Espadri

lles for a long time and were shoes for the poor, and if not for the great innovation of Yves Saint Laurent might never have entered into a bourgeois fashion.In the 60s of the last century fashion he offered the Catalan masters to make shoes on a platform sole and laces, which immediately became popular and took pride of place in the wardrobe of the most renowned fashionistas.

Women's espadrilles - victorious march to the podium

Traditionally jute espadrilles do on a flat sole with a linen top, on the nose - insertion of the rim.Often - with ties at the ankle.Worn shoes so severely on his bare feet, no socks in different colors and patterns, is both male and female.The popularity of this shoe is easy to explain - it is convenient and not too hot, do not rub espadrilles feet, ideal for summer.

Now espadrilles with designers do anything, and variations on this theme has almost all fashion brands - from Prada to Ralph Lauren.The sole purpose of practicality were made of more durable materials, and only a swift jute or hemp rope edge of the sole.There were models of sandals, shoes and even shoes only hinting at their attitude to espadrilles, and yet, these shoes also found its admirers.There are several well-kept variant - on a high platform espadrilles and even heels - shoes for this "special" cases.

Women's espadrilles - what to wear fashionable novelty?

From what to wear espadrilles?Yes the same, what and ballet flats, loafers or sneakers!Option for men - shorts or trousers "chinos" (seersucker pants tucked to the ankles), but should be fine, and ordinary jeans.On the women's wardrobe dock espadrilles more complicated.Just disappear long dresses and dresses for the office, party, shiny and strong wear.There remain only a short little dress sarafan and length just below the knee.When you purchase this shoe better immediately and get hold of a straw hat - it will help maintain a stylish image.Espadrilles look great with trousers, but in this case the leg slightly better tuck.

If you are already tired ballerinas , and sandalikah and sandals ever crush fingers - be sure to pay attention to women's espadrilles.Apparently, these shoes will not stay long at the peak of popularity - all the prerequisites and conditions for this already exists.

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