The original copy, a fake.

The original copy of the fake

How to distinguish where the real brand, and where copies?To answer these questions, you must first understand what is the difference from the original copies and fakes

Practice shows that even in the most prestigious shops and boutiques often instead of the original copies of the things we offer , although they are also equipped with all the necessary certificates and cardsauthenticity.And in the small shops do not hesitate sell crude forgery. Why is this happening?

luxury and fashion industry is primarily a business aimed at making a profit.Usually known brands produce each season, two lines of clothing and accessories.One line is used to display «haute couture» (high sewing), the other for shows «pret - a- porte» (ready to wear).The difference between these lines is that the «haute couture» has a high quality of manufacturing (manual robot older technologies, etc.) and a very high price, often produced in small quantities by a specific customer.The line "Rret - a- porte» opposite is des

igned to produce large quantities in the garment factories.The clothes, the standard metric sizes, as well as things simplified and adapted for everyday wear, so the price is more affordable.Such things can be purchased in the name of shops and boutiques where the seller is obliged to issue the relevant documents.Original things have an internal code and product code, they must match.Branded things very careful to them lines perfectly aligned, and the stitches of the same size, thread well secured and does not stick, metal large parts fastened with screws.

How are copies? at a special auction large manufacturers can legally buy blueprints and patterns of the original models from well-known designers.But after last season's shows and a large part of the collection is sold.Make sure the material is agreed, accessories, colors, further manufactured products.Thus, begins the production of certified copies that do not violate the copyright, have the original cut, meet all the requirements of GOST and are realized in prestigious stores, but focused on cheaper due to inconsistency with the original.When resemblance copies are always small differences.Copy to half the price of the original.

copies are always made from other cheaper, although natural materials.They sometimes used the original, but cheaper hardware.For example, instead of sewing crystals Swarovski, used glue crystals Swarovski.In both cases, the original high-quality materials are used, but the glue is much cheaper and more suited for industrial applications.Also, fixing with glue is not as reliable as using a thread.

All original items are either woven labels or embroidery or leather with high or low printing, as well as the correct indication of the name of the designer.The copies also indicate the name of the designer, but often use printed print on fabric or leather label.

There is always a difference in size, especially if it's handbags, scarves and belts.Typically, the difference in size of 1 - 2 cm - up more.The geometry of the quilted pattern on copies rarely coincide, and the cut print common.Even on the original overlay geometry is always perfectly coincide, as well as the letters of the logo will not be any cut or stitched.This is due to differences in the equipment used in the brand workshops and in the mainstream.On the original

things runners lightning model must match both outside and inside have the same design and color.In copies of runners on a single model, as a rule, are not the same design.

And what is fake? The answer is simple.Forgery - a copy of a copy, looks almost, but not quite like.Forgery half cheaper copies.Accordingly, counterfeits do not have any supporting documents.Points of sale of such things can be different from the underpass to small shops.The forgeries are used synthetic materials instead of the skin - PVC (artificial leather), instead of metal - colored plastic, instead of crystals - crystals of glass.The fakes are not observed features distinguishing features of a particular brand, and in the name of the designer or the brand name is always a mistake, so it is impossible to present the authorship.About as not even worth talking - it is approximately equal to zero.Often these things have a specific unpleasant chemical odor and often dangerous.

choosing the original shame of being cheated, preferring a copy, do not qualify for the status, and buying a fake - we are destroying art.

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