How to become a "style icon"?

how to become a style icon

Site «f-Journal.Ru» offers a few tips for those who want to become a "style icon»

In creating his style there are no strict guidelines and laws, there is only some basicthe basics you need to know every woman.

To become a style icon you need to sort out your wardrobe

The first step is to thoroughly review your wardrobe.Highlight key things and get rid of the rest.You should also review the principles on which the purchase is made clothes.Buy only what really emphasizes the dignity and hide flaws.

To become a style icon you need to find a good tailor

podyschu yourself a good master tailoring.Before you go to it should be scrutinized more branded things that make you taller, slimmer, sleeker and better, and pay special attention to these things and cut the seams.This approach will allow to have a clear idea of ​​what you need.A good tailor can even adjust the purchased items on the figure.

To become a style icon you need to buy basic things wardrobe

There are things over which

no power fickle fashion.Due to its versatility, they are combined with all the other things and never go out of fashion.

These things include:

  • Little Black Dress - The well-known classic practical and fashionable at all times.
  • White shirt - white shirt will be the basis for a variety of ensembles of clothing.
  • High-heeled shoes - high-heeled shoes make legs thinner and give the image of femininity.
  • Cashmere cardigan or sweater - at least one good thing and expensive cashmere replace dozens of different "sweaters."
  • Jeans - perfect jeans sitting on a figure adorn any girl.
  • Ballerinas - except for the comfort and convenience they give the image of romance.
  • Good Bag - an argument that does not require explanation.Good Bag speak for itself.

To become a style icon you need to wear accessories

Everyone knows the power of the right accessories, they always give the image of luxury and complement the wardrobe with something new.All kind right accessories will report to others what you are amazing.

To become a style icon does not need to be a fashion victim

should never feel envy at the sight of someone fashionable thing or accessories of the latest hits.Thoughtlessly buying fashionable clothes and accessories, developed a herd mentality, which is not good.Do not forget that the bag created for them it was possible to experiment.Let the bag will, whatever the form and producer - most importantly, to reflect your style, make it unique and different from others.

To become a style icon does not need large sums

The main difference between fashion and style is that fashion - it's expensive, and the style - no.Many stylish women are not the most wealthy.Often, women who have not very much money, more developed understanding of what the taste and style.They have to be picky about clothes and shopping.

Kate Moss - fashion icon decade, according to the magazine Vogue

In appearance, Kate never say that she is making any effort.She's always something a little bit wrong - accessories do not match, the mess on his head, slightly wrinkled skirt, but she looks at it just fine.Partly negligence and unobtrusive in the image is better than a perfect puppet.

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