Stores brands - "Golden Triangle" of Milan

"Golden Triangle" of Milan - boutique brands

"Golden Triangle" of Milan - "mecca" fashion fans

"Golden Triangle" - "mecca" fashion fans coming to Milan is not only fashion week.Often they simply walk between the streets of Via Senato, Via Monte Napoleone and Via Alessandro Manzoni, so might as well get acquainted with the latest collections of the world's fashion designers.

Boutique Dolce and Gabbana in Milan

impossible not to visit the studio of famous Italians Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.Design duo has boutiques in several places, but the most fascinating is the Accessoires Boutique on Via della Spiga.

in black and white on a huge screen presenting the latest fashion shows, on the ceiling black sparkling chandelier.If you like the world of D & amp; amp; G, visit the only restaurant in the world, named Gold.

boutique Dsquared

In 2007, on the eve of the opening of the Fashion Week, brothers Dean and Dan Caten presented to the public its first store in the "Golden Triangle".When making a store, they have chosen as the dom

inant material is wood.

thick trunks of trees "grow" on the second floor, as chandeliers - antlers.On the trunks of trees presented ladies fragrance She Wood in a noble bottle of hazelnut.

Boutique Juicy Couture

on the main sign of this shop says pink letters: Juicy loves Milano.Boutique open American label Juicy Couture in 2007 and is accessories, clothes decadent atmosphere on two floors.

vintage elements, rustic wooden floors, high glass jars filled with candy to delight visitors.

boutique Moschino

Crystal chandeliers are actually made up of 50 suspended glass elements and a block in the middle of the hall consists of 10,000 red cotton cloths stacked.The effect is incomparable!

Boutique Piumelli

This little shop is not in the "Golden Triangle", but it is a must visit.Here are exhibited noble leather gloves of different colors, and the Italian mannequins spread aroma of sweet life Dolce Vita.

Boutique Tom Ford

Americans are well-known innovative glass case staging Tiffany's in New York.Something like that has created, and Tom Ford in Milan.

On five floors of men will find everything that you need, from the stylish bespoke suits to sportswear.Precious things are placed in a private setting.

boutique Trussardi 1911

Open in 2008, the boutique Trussardi 1911 is the elegance of the brand.200 sq.m.-style private mansion, heavy leather curtains in the fitting rooms and marble wall-to-ceiling marble insurances, according to the brand's commitment to high quality.

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