Types of red fish - the classification, benefits, calories

Types of red fish

Red fish: types, classification, the use of the most valuable varieties, their caloric and useful properties.Contraindications to the use of red fish.

olden times in Russia from cutting delicacy fish with parsley and lemon slices served festive table decoration.Fish - is a tradition as ancient Russian dishes - soup, cakes, pie, pancakes.

Red fish - it's the whole family that combines luxury and popular species: salmon, trout, salmon, salmon, sockeye, and others. The meat of these species from the family of salmon and sturgeon may have both intense red and orange and pale-pink color.

word "red" in Russia means all beautiful, valuable, rare.For example, red fellow, fair maiden, red day.Therefore, the red has long been called the most expensive and delicious fish - sturgeon, beluga, stellate sturgeon, sturgeon, although the meat they have white.

Forms red fish

Red fish

on trade and culinary classification red fish is divided into three groups: salmon, white salmon (or pink) and sturgeon.


This group includes the White Sea and the Baltic salmon: salmon, olive, trout, salmon and Finnish all Pacific salmon (sockeye, pink salmon, chum salmon, Sim, chinook).


This class includes all the inhabitants of the basin sturgeon of the Caspian and Black Seas: Russian sturgeon, beluga, sturgeon, Bester, spike, Amur sturgeon, Siberian and the Danube.

White Salmon (pink)

Representatives of this group - white and white and pink salmon: trout, white salmon, white salmon, coho.The most tender meat in properties - Caspian inconnu and toughest - coho.

Use red fish

Red fish

red fish in a lot of iodine, fluorine, phosphorus, calcium, selenium, zinc, vitamins A, D, E, PP and Group B. Selenium is called "trace element longevity."It strengthens the immune system, prevents aging of the organism and development of neoplastic processes.Phosphorus strengthens bone tissue, plays an important role in brain function.Iodine regulates the endocrine system.

about the important functions performed in the body of vitamins and minerals contained in the red fish, can be very long talk.But the main value of a red fish - there polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3, which nourish the cell membranes and prolong youth.If a sufficient amount of food fed these unique and surprising beneficial substances called "youth vitamins", the receptacles are healthy and elastic, the brain and nervous system - coordinated, cholesterol - always normal.Omega-3 fatty acids - is prevention of arthritis, arthrosis, vision loss in the elderly, cardiovascular disease, many types of cancer, including breast cancer.This healthy bones, muscles, joints, and nervous cells.

Numerous studies confirm: people that regularly eat red fish, is nearly three times less likely to suffer from hypertension, cancer, have a good memory and does not know what depression is.American scientists have found that "fish" omega-3 have a positive impact on the work of those parts of the brain that are associated with emotions.A recently discovered another interesting fact: the lovers of red fish are more protected against sunburn than other people, which is rarely indulge yourself this delicacy.

most valuable varieties of red fish

most popular salmon, some of the best fish delicacies - a salmon and trout.They can marinate, salt, fry, braise and bake.At salmon meat a bright pink, in trout - lighter.This is necessary to eat fish at least 2 times a week, especially women: salmon and trout helps preserve the health of skin, nails, hair and, of course, stay longer beautiful.

Salmon or noble salmon


In sёmge except high concentration of omega-3 as the ideal ratio of omega-3 and omega-6.Only two products in nature can boast such a unique balance of these fatty acids - flaxseed and walnuts.Regular consumption of salmon - is the prevention of thrombosis, improving blood circulation and metabolism, normalization of the gastrointestinal tract and liver, strong arteries, a strong immune system and a healthy nervous system.

salted salmon, smoked, fried in a pan marinated and breaded make her pancakes, soups and other goodies.But it is better to bake the fish - in foil or grilled, or eat salted.At the noble salmon unusually tender and very tasty meat.

Calorie salmon - from 140 to 220 kcal per 100 g of fat content - from 6 to 24%, protein - about 20%.



Trout - not only delicious, but also beautiful fish: the golden-bellied, yellow-green with black sides, sometimes surrounded by a blue border points, back olive green and colored spots on the fins.Trout is often called the golden fish.There are several types: freshwater, rainbow and sea.

Like salmon, red fish, this is a very valuable food as rich in fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.Trout goes well with lime, lemon and cream sauce.Even in old cookbooks says that it is better to simmer in the oven with wine, vegetables and herbs and baked in butter.

Calorie trout - from 97 to 208 kcal per 100 g of fat content - from 4 to 14%, protein - about 20%.

Contraindications to the use of red fish

trout and salmon can not be abused pregnant women and nursing mothers, as in some forms of mercury may be present.Oily fish do not get involved in people suffering from obesity and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, especially gastric ulcer and chronic liver disease.Without a doubt, caution should be those who are allergic to fish.

each person that takes care of your health, it is necessary to include in the diet of salmon.Total 300 grams of fish specialties in a week is enough to provide the body necessary for its full operation fatty acids.The most useful types of red fish except salmon and trout, chum and pink salmon is (pink salmon).For centuries, many peoples of the North eaten pink and different amazing health.

dishes with red fish - photo

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Let red fish will be a frequent visitor to your kitchen, it'sa source of health and longevity for the whole family!

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