Cucumbers - one of the emerald treasure of summer

the use of cucumbers

Fresh cucumbers and their use for the acquisition of harmony, rejuvenation and health promotion

more than 6000 years people know about cucumbers.The very name of a vegetable - «agouros» - Greek origin, translated as "immature."Indeed, cucumbers - one of the few plants that we eat immature.


cucumber Fruits contain about 95% water.In addition, they are rich in valuable minerals, especially iodine and potassium, vitamins and fiber.

Use cucumbers health

Cucumbers are indispensable for those who want to lose weight.Their caloric content - only 13.5 kcal / 100 g

water contained in the cucumber, is a living, structured liquid wonderful natural adsorbent, which has a slight diuretic effect.It perfectly cleanses the body and rejuvenates it displays poisons, adjusts metabolism, reduces swelling.Besides, cucumbers do not load the pancreas and quench thirst.

Thanks to the rich mineral composition cucumbers provide a healthy nervous system, enhances memory, mental abilities, p

rotects against atherosclerosis.

Fiber that is in cucumbers, support intestinal health: normalizes its work, removes toxins, neutralize harmful acids and excess cholesterol, it helps to get rid of constipation.

Cucumber - an ideal product for handling days. their regular use - is prevention of thyroid disease, gallstones, heart problems and blood vessels.Cucumber salad useful complement protein dishes, as these vegetables help improve protein digestion.Yes, and the presence of any salad cucumbers benefit.

For women especially valuable is that cucumbers contain one of the most important women's vitamins - folic acid, which regulates blood sugar, creating a feeling of satiety, reduces appetite and prevents the formation of adipose tissue.

Benefits Cucumber beauty

Cucumber juice whitens, moisturizes, cools the skin, protects it from the sun.Applications from cucumber plates clean bags under the eyes and relieve swelling.Mask of chopped cucumber slices provides narrowing of pores, skin whitening, get rid of freckles, and sagging, it helps to smooth wrinkles.The mask of cucumber puree with kaolin rejuvenates the skin.If a cucumber puree add honey and sour cream, get a great tool for tightening aging skin.Cleopatra believed cucumber mask one of the secrets of her beauty.

It is interesting

In Russia cucumbers eaten with honey, as in Iran and now they are served for dessert.Natives of the Pacific Islands in the event of crop failure buried wrapped in banana leaves cucumbers in the ground.The village of Berrien Springs, Michigan, that the Americans declared cucumbers capital of the world.Every December there a parade of cucumbers, people having fun, throwing each other vegetables.To strengthen health Egyptians added cucumber juice in rose water, and in many Russian cities even have monuments cucumbers.

Now, when it's summer , you can indulge in a tasty and healthy treats, like cucumbers.They will enhance the health and improve the figure and make a beautiful skin.So try not to lose time and with maximum benefit to take advantage of all the charm of "cucumber pores."

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