The healing properties of essential oils, tips on application

essential oils

Each essential oil has a healing function did not, but there are characteristics common to all essential oils in general

choosing a particular massage oil, bath, body care and hairand other needs, you will be guided better, knowing the properties of essential oils as a natural class of natural substances that can improve mood and well-being.

properties of essential oils

  1. So, any essential oil - natural antiseptic, has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory action.Aroma any essential oil has a positive effect on the human nervous system, beneficial effect on the psyche and emotions.
  2. Effects of essential oils promotes renewal and self-regulation systems.
  3. Every essential oil has a bioenergetic value.
  4. Most of the oil (70%) to help quickly eliminate skin lesions after injuries and burns, and have analgesic properties.
  5. 60% oils - aphrodisiac, or erotic stimulants.
  6. 60% oil helps to normalize the function of the circulatory and respiratory condition.
  7. There are many essential oils that can
    cleanse the body of toxins, neutralize toxins, beneficial effects on the digestive system and improve immunity.
  8. 30% oil can normalize hormones in the body and to optimize the work of the endocrine glands.

And another significant addition - as if you did not use them, absolutely all oil harmless to the body, if properly comply with the dosage, they are not addictive and have an extremely beneficial effect.No wonder the ancients, possessing wisdom, of which we know only by hearsay, highly prized oil, they are very expensive cost.Ancient people knew all the healing properties of essential oils, which are widely used without the weight of synthetic drugs of questionable effects, which abound in our pharmacy.Applying oil, do not expect from them the same instant action as antibiotics, healing properties of plants act more sensitively and gradually.

What determines the quality and price of essential oils, forgery

Of course, the oil must be natural, the plants should be harvested at the right time in an ecologically clean region.High-quality oil is transparent in appearance, has no inclusions and sediment.

Shelf life of essential oils has no restrictions, except for citrus fruit;quite the contrary - the more oil is stored, so it is nobler here oil is comparable to wine.This is true of oil rose, narcissus, incense.

cost of oil depends on the quality (high quality oil is not cheap), and values, as well as the rarity of the plant from which the oil is made.It affects the value and the percentage of oil in the plant.Under the guise of essential oil you can buy a synthetic substitute for, so here you have to be extra careful.

sometimes can be seen in the sale of oil peach, lilac, lime, apricot, lily, coconut, melon, cucumber, lotus.But such oils simply can not be, because all of these plants do not belong to the category of attar.

What you should know before applying oil

Before you start to use oil, you need to know something, namely:

  • not exceed the permissible dose of oil;
  • not mow a little undiluted to the skin and especially the mucous membranes;
  • start to use oil in the minimum quantities, it may be that you will be enough;
  • can sometimes be allergic to any particular flavor, place a large drop of oil on a handkerchief and sniff a couple of days a few times a day to find out the reaction of the organism;
  • bath with new oil, take no more than five minutes if you feel OK, you can gradually increase the time, the same applies to the use of oil in aromalampe;
  • if you want to use oil as an erotic stimulant, make sure that your partner is also love;
  • real oil sold in small bottles of dark glass in them and the oil should be stored in a dark place, closed and at a temperature of not more than 30 degrees;
  • during pregnancy should be very careful with oil, put them in a concentration of 2 times less than usual or not at risk;
  • not use aroma oils inside the skin easily absorbs them and they affect the body for external use;
  • to set oil use disposable syringe with a needle if a few oils, the syringe should be separate for each oil.

Aromatic oils are not used in the treatment of serious diseases, most of them - it is a way to improve your health and mood, and with this feature, they cope very well.

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