How to survive the repairs with the beloved


How to survive the renovation.How to Create Your Dream House and not to quarrel with her beloved while

Repair - it's a great opportunity not only to update their home and make it a truly stylish, fashionable and comfortable, but also translate the relationship with your loved one to a new level.Of course, because to go through it - it is worth something!

How to survive the repair with your favorite

befriended designer!

The most basic reason for family quarrels during the repair - a disagreement over the color and style of the interior.After all, "feminine" interior and "male" are completely different.Girls do not feel comfort in typically male stag dens where all too minimalist, concise and well thought out.But men hate all those ruffles and pink teddy bears, which can be found in almost every corner of the feminine, elegant, naughty and absolutely irrational apartment.As a result, making repairs, the husband and wife themselves hoarse prove to each other the truth of their persp

ective.In the best case - are mediocre compromise, and updated housing does not look so hot.And there is a simple solution - to invite to the house interior designer, who will design the project and to find the most successful solutions.After all, even in a very small room, the bedroom can be distinguished spectacular area and well and it will be a woman, and her beloved.In the course are glass partitions, zoning, catwalks.This service is not expensive, but the result will exceed all expectations.Yes, and soon we will know exactly where and how that will be done during the repair, without any alterations, mistakes and disappointments.

Take care of cleanliness

repair any major problem - it is dirt.It is spread all over the house with incredible speed.It would seem that just yesterday began finishing one of the rooms, and trim wallpaper primer and traces already across the hallway, and all kitchen food like seasoned construction dust.What kind of comfort may be involved when necessary to live as if on site.And here it is precisely the same comes the real test for your nerves and male.

Therefore, from the very beginning you need to repair immediately to buy two additional pairs of slippers for every home - is one for the kitchen and the hallway, where the contamination can not be avoided, and the second - to be repaired the room, not to make out of it a construction dust down.And in the living room, you can either go barefoot or in slippers usual.So the dust is much less spread.

And secondly, there will be more than just ask the construction crew take out the garbage after each job, and do not be lazy in this regard.For persuasiveness may refer to allegedly muchivshuyu asthma or allergies.And, of course, provide for that two-three masters plastic buckets with bundles of garbage plastic bags - so it was easier.

Home - by all means try to maintain cleanliness in the apartment and not blame everything on repairs.After all, a woman - by nature more flexible and can adapt to any situation.But the man who is used to cleanliness and coziness sharply to start living like a landfill, is not easy.Therefore, it is necessary to support at least morally.

Protect relationship

Repair - is a real test of relations.It was during the creation of their dream homes and many couples apart.The reasons for this are clear - a constant voltage, the lack of the usual comfort, endless concern about the integrity of the working team.

Therefore, it is necessary at this time to support his beloved - be flexible, gentle, patient.The ideal option - it is often happen outside the home: go to visit friends and just a lot of walking together, to go, finally, to his parents.And, of course, distracted - look with your favorite movies, talking to each other, not only about the repair.

Know how to put an end

main thing - do not do endless repair event.Whatever the saying "Repair - it's for life."Make only what was originally planned - and all, put a point.But a year or two, when the gain strength, and the word "repair" will no longer cause a shudder, can continue.And again - for a strictly defined period of time.The only way you can repair to survive without a nervous breakdown and loss of relationships.

Experienced repair and relations have not deteriorated?Then they have nothing to fear!

psychologist Anna Vadimova for the site «f-Journal.Ru»