Coffee Latte - Elegant cocktail with Italian character

Coffee Latte

Can coffee preparation considered art?Maybe, if it's a latte

enjoy authentic latte possible only in bars and restaurants.Layered fragrant cocktail of hot milk, coffee and thick milk froth - a drink finicky, requiring special coffee machines, whipping milk foam and of course the art of cooking.But you can go in a simple way, throw away all the conventions of high gastronomy and carefully pour the hot milk into the coffee.Let not so impressive it will look your latte, but cook it at any time.Observing nevertheless some rules.But - all in good time.

What latte

The correct name of the drink «latte macchiato» - tainted milk.Long ago, the Italian housewives, not wanting breakfast deprive their children of many a morning coffee, came up to pour it into the hot milk.So the kids have the opportunity to drink coffee together with adults, and the hostess there is no need to puzzle over cooking delicious drink for children.Then no one could imagine that over time will become a popular children'

s drink coffee drink throughout Europe and the hallmark of ambitious young people from the business part of the cities.Coffee latte in a modern version - a trendy layered cocktail of finished espresso, hot milk and milk foam.

How to prepare a latte

Why not turn home a real latte?Much depends not only on the quality of the milk (which, incidentally, be natural with a certain ratio of protein and fat), but also on the availability of necessary equipment.Stable milk foam with lots of small air bubbles do not beat with a mixer, this requires a special machine, and espresso in Turku also not cook.So in all respects beyond that latte - this bar drink, home can not say.

Without going into details, it looks preparing latte since.First, in a tall glass poured hot frothed milk.Then a thin stream pouring hot espersso.Cocktails will laminate only if all steps possible to perform accurately and carefully pouring the coffee is not on the wall of glass, and in the center of the milk foam.Then coffee passes through the frothed milk foam colors in a nice light brown color and the layers do not mix.Cap of milk foam are often decorated with a pattern or chocolate chips, ground nuts, cocoa powder or cinnamon.But that's another story, and it is called "latte APR" - the art of milk.

Latte Art - patterns on the milk

latte art - it aerobatics in the art of decorating the coffee beverage.Frothed milk is poured into a cup of hot espresso particular way, resulting in complicated manipulation on the surface, there are various patterns.Not every barista (expert in coffee preparation) is able to decorate a cup of coffee elegant figure, need special training, experience, and of course talent.

in latte art is all very difficult.A special way to preparing milk foam, milk is heated to a temperature of 65 severely - 67 degrees and its quality must be beyond reproach.Only if all the subtleties and requirements, you can obtain the desired foam - air, but dense and without large bubbles.The milk is poured into a cup of coffee accurate, balanced movements, swinging container of milk in different directions.On the surface of the cup appear drawings - blanks that are further adjusted to the planned plot with a toothpick or other sharp object.Patterns and styles in the latte - art set, but all of them derived from the three figures - heart, flower and apple, which are considered the basis of dairy art.The most common style of latte - art is called "Rosetta", when the figure turns out like a fairytale flower, leaf or branch.

Latte Art Championship held in Russia and the World Cup , prestigious international competitions, World Cup and international tournaments.As with any competition, fixed records and one of them - seven miniature roses, painted in 150 ml.a cup of coffee.

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So can coffee preparation considered art?There is no doubt - yes!

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