Gifts for a girl for the New Year 2012

Gifts for a girl for the New Year 2012

What gift to choose a girl or girlfriend on New Year 2012?

Choosing a gift for your girlfriend on New Year's Eve 2012 - not only pleasant, but also a challenge.

If you know what your dream girl, it remains only to find in stores the object of desire - if not, sit back and read our article.It is certainly possible to think and to present to the account, but by nature men are less romantic, so come up and choose a gift should be given the psychology of women.So, what's a girl like?What gift to choose for a friend on New Year 2012?

gifts girl for the New Year 2012?

Choose decorations

Who would argue that the jewelry - it is a gift for all times?

Moreover, the upcoming 2012 - Year of the Dragon, which is very fond of jewelry - it is no wonder that all the legends of dragons guarding the treasure is.So why not gift a bracelet, a ring or a pendant?Just be careful with the choice.If you meet recently, and the relationship has not strengthened, a great gift would be silver jewelry.

Gold, platinum and especially precious stones give accepted as proof of the seriousness of your intentions regarding the future life together.And yet - on rings, chains, pendants sighs, not every girl.If you do not see your favorite passion for jewelry, you may want to think about the other gifts.

Useful gifts

useful and universal gift is a gift certificate.

It can be anything - a fashion boutique, a trip in a limousine through the city or a master class for two at tea ceremony, for the preparation of coffee, sushi.

With cosmetics and perfumery beware! flawless and useful gift will only advance if you find out what smells like your girlfriend.If you do not know which perfume or cosmetics she prefers - better buy a gift certificate to perfume boutique.It will be a great gift as a certificate to the spa - after a day spent in the spa, will cheer up any girl!

If your girl loves all sorts of things for women, give her a case for your phone, decorated with rhinestones.You can give an interesting Keychain dragon, beautiful USB flash drive, original notebook, diary.There will always be a really beautiful way fotoramochka - with sequins, appliqué, Stand for shelf or table.

If your relationship is almost moved to the stage of the family, baby warm, homemade gifts.For example - a beautiful blanket, bedspread, sofa cushion.It will be great if you can find these things with the image of the Dragon, which protects the upcoming 2012.Agree, it is much more successful than the standard set of "champagne + chocolates + Color".

Romantic gifts

Do not think that if a gift is not classified as "serious", important - this is not New Year's gift.

Do not forget that every girl also has a list on which she buys gifts to friends and loved ones, and therefore almost never allows himself to pretty baubles that so want to buy before the holiday!For example - the same candy "Raffaello" in a beautiful box or a good chocolate in unusual packaging.By the way - boxes with bears, bows, roses and bright, shiny casket - a secret passion of any girl.They are always needed and always find something to fill them!

Girls will be happy as a New Year gift handmade soap - it is absolutely a win-win.Just do not forget a nice package!From a beautiful cup of tea, a small pillow, gift sets of chocolates in exclusive packaging, soft toys, figurines in the form of dragon girl also did not give up.

In general, it is not difficult to make conclusions - a gift for his girlfriend on New Year 2012 can be anything - a useful, romantic, expensive or not, you need to select it with the soul.

And another tip - a gift does not have to be boring , Dragon - cheerful, active, and present it must cajole, to the upcoming 2012 was a happy one for you, and for your favorite!