Why did the Germans do not want to have children?

Why did the Germans do not want to have children?

of four causes of the phenomenon of German childlessness

known that the Germans do not tend to have many children.Why, they are one and the child sometimes can not start.Russian man, this approach to life is difficult to understand, because we consider normal to give birth one or two brood so as not to miss after the long winter evenings.

But the Germans missed once, because around them a lot of fun, and living standards in Europe is high.A family of two people where both work, can afford to save money, to make major purchases, travel and just live happily.It would be logical that wealthy people can think about procreation, but the Germans are spending money only on themselves, not thinking about who - as they will live in a beautiful city after them.

in Germany often come across people who are foaming at the mouth can convince that do not want to have children, because it raises such a big problem!Maybe it's a heightened sense of responsibility and a desire to think everything in advance,

twenty years?After some generalizations and observations, we have decided that there are several reasons why the Germans did not wish to have children.

desire to stand up

Education in Germany plays a very important role.You should always learn, get a degree, and let it will take 10 years.Yes - yes, you heard right, many are studying for a long time, constantly interrupted for a sabbatical to do something is different, for example, to go into Africa.After graduation, you need to find a good job and work long enough to gain a foothold in the company, received a promotion, or at least, in salary.All this takes 20 years, and then people have argued that too old to have children.

live in his pleasure

fact, want it all, but the Germans wish to do some exaggerated.Often it is the representatives of this category of people are actively convince others that the children - is evil.

Fear not handle

This category of the population is very numerous.They, like, and do not mind to have a child, but the panic fear of this: what if something happens and suddenly - it.Moreover, most often they wind themselves, taking to heart, even a report on television about any accidents involving teenagers.Of course, they can understand so many years to raise a child, and then a thankless child gives parents trouble.But on the other hand, these people do not see any good examples.Indeed, in Germany so many talented and wonderful children and adolescents who are winning at sports competitions, are engaged in music and painting, studying languages.However, such reports are absolutely not affect the members of this category.

Lack of money

Even at relatively high salaries, and a well-developed system of social assistance, child birth is great for the family expenses.Given the rapid growth of children and the number of necessary things that have to buy, of course, that the children spent a large proportion of household expenditures.A majority of Germans do not even want to deny ourselves the extra mug of beer on Fridays or save on gasoline, because they are simply not used to it.

At the same time, the above reasons are relevant not only for the Germans.Anyone who wants to get to his feet first, live for yourself, for your pleasure, afraid of the problems associated with children and just did not feel financially prepared.But - again, most people manage to have children.And the Germans think and weigh all the "pros" and "cons".

Statistics confirm that the German family has an average of 1.3 children - and it is constantly decreasing trend.Thus, one can not be sure that a century the German nation to continue in the same amount.But still, let's hope for the best ...