The first day at work: tips

The first day on the job

how to behave on the first day at a new job

you think that getting a new job - it's easy?Especially you: ambitious erudite and self-confident?Of course, this approach is worthy of praise, but, of course, should not relax.Brilliantly pass the first interview - is only the first task which you have to solve in the way of his career.Well, you come to expect the very first day in a new place.Actually, it was from him and depend largely on future relations with colleagues and employees.

Statistics show that about 40% of newly employees decide to change the place of their professional activities after the first day, which was not entirely successful.So, of course, a lot depends on how you will be able to express themselves in their first day in the company.The following tips will certainly be useful as candidates without much experience and "advanced" workers.

Exclude panic

course, the first day - it's a real challenge, which will require you to ruthless power and genuine courage.Wise to draw u

p a specific plan for the whole day, as well as summarized list of the main tasks.

On the personal request of his own initiative, and familiarize yourself with their colleagues, as well as head of the department.Do not think, though their curiosity exceeds your modesty and shyness.Still, it's you - the beginner, respectively, to you and cards.

On arrival pay attention to jobs.Rationally divide space.Of course, you are not really a disadvantage, but it is better to attend to this matter in advance, because otherwise you can make about the impression of a lazy, careless and sloppy employee.

immediately examine the schedule, follow it religiously and get used to the new schedule for yourself.

Ideally, you should quickly learn the specifics of its activities, it zarekomenduet you best.

And, of course, do not panic!Excess stress only hurt, so gather and just do your job well.

Care and vigilance

Of course, knowing the motivation and psychology of his boss, colleagues or employees, fairly easy to integrate into any new team.For example, an employer who seeks to hire?Of course, responsible, active and executive employees.You only need to become one.Always remember that the director is not a sense of duty, or, for example, any higher motivation takes you to yourself.First of all he saw in you the qualities and traits that will contribute to improving the work of his company.

In order to make a favorable impression on your boss, you need to forget about idle conversations.It should be at least for the first time to reduce or completely abandon the personal calls and conversations, visits to social networks to communicate on ICQ and so on. Try all their views and actions to show and, most importantly, to prove that you are very attentive to their projects and maximize focusat work.All assignments and tasks are carried out as soon as possible, but remember the high level, and as a result.Clearly show how much you aspire to new knowledge, professional experience, and self-improvement.Even if you keep the plans for next year maternity leave (which, of course, not a word) should be transparent hint at the career.Remember that bosses are well aware: to motivate employees is twice as better.

at the same time is not on his very first day in a new place to promise one and all the golden mountains and rivers of honey.Who knows, may be, the employer really believe if you are able to cope with the day of the week load.And heaven forbid you actually perform its task!Indeed, in this case, you will load your work over the physical and moral strength.It makes more sense to take up first for a fairly simple task that you perform relatively quickly and competently.

As to your new colleagues, it is not necessary here to show their obstinate character traits.As practice shows, in any group, much less large, are present their established groups and clubs.Observe and evaluate how the union closer to you.It may be best to stay away and to maintain a certain neutrality.Of course, at the first meeting with colleagues need to show some initiative and introduce yourself.Try to be open and honest enough.It is best to contribute to the establishment of benevolent relations, including trade.

Away tightness

new job - it is certainly an excellent chance to prove themselves and show their best qualities.But do not be naive to think that it would be easy, inconsequential and simple.Of course, the bosses like to test and verify the strength, stress, knowledge and skills of their employees, which is understandable.Leaders in this case want to get the confidence that the right decision, taking you to him.

Remember that every company has its own unspoken rules and unwritten laws, which at the moment for you - the secret behind seven locks.Do not hesitate to ask questions directly to the employees, as well as superior.Be sure that there is always someone who will not refuse to help you solve a particular issue.

So forget about that:

  • fearful to ask questions and ask for help;
  • personally try to resolve any conflicts;
  • try to keep quiet in case of error.

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