Khinkali - Caucasian dumplings with a secret


Khinkali need to be able to cook and must be able to eat properly

Many peoples in the national kitchen has a dish that is on a par with the Ural dumplings - Asia is manta rays, the Buryats - posesin Udmurtia - pelneni.In the Caucasus is khinkali - large ravioli stuffed with juicy meat.When this dish appeared in the Caucasian cuisine is now difficult to establish.It has long been the Highlanders chopped meat sheep daggers, turning it into beef, and cooked great, hearty khinkali.Most of them did it was convenient to eat with your hands, this tradition has been preserved to this day.The recipe has changed over time to the selection of meat started coming less selective chopper blades replaced, but today khinkali from other types of dumplings is very different from a thin shell of dough and lots of juicy broth inside.

how to cook khinkali

khinkali cooking process rather complicated, and the first time they do not all turn out.Khinkali in a hurry or in haste never make, this dish requires atten

tion, time and some skill.The dough is kneaded in several stages, the stuffing is prepared in compliance with the proportions khinkali brewed in small batches.But worth trying, even if you do not get real khinkali - will still be very tasty, fragrant and unusual.

need to start cooking with sifting flour - it is a prerequisite, and sift the flour should be two - three times.Then it will be enriched with oxygen, it will air, light.Take a pound of flour, half a glass of cold boiled water, one egg and a pinch of salt.Flour bisect.In one half of the administered lightly beaten egg and water with salt, knead the dough.Put it in a bowl, covered, and left for 15 minutes.Then knead the dough a second time, adding some of the abandoned flour.Return into the bowl again and allowed to stand for 15 minutes.So doing a further two times, each time allowing the dough to rest for 15 - 20 minutes.

Traditionally beef khinkali to prepare lamb with fat, but because in a big city to find a lamb is almost impossible, you can fall back on the recipe and make minced pork or beef with pork.The proportions of mixed minced meat - 300 grams of beef and 200 grams of fat pork.

Take 500 grams of meat, it is passed through a meat grinder or chop finely with a knife almost to a paste.Three large onions can be finely chopped, or scroll through a meat grinder.Mince the onion and mixed thoroughly, seasoning to taste with freshly ground black pepper and salt.Other spices khinkali not add not to kill the taste of meat.Occasionally, in some recipes can meet the addition of cumin and saffron, with a taste khinkali varies considerably, but in any case they will be tasty, juicy and very satisfying.Stir in minced poured cold boiled water at the rate of half a glass of liquid per 500 grams of meat (meat rather than minced meat - not to be confused).Then add minced finely chopped few sprigs of greenery, usually cilantro or basil.The filling is ready, at this point the dough should also be finally Mix and ready for cutting.

separated from the small pieces of dough, made from these beads (as pies) and each rolled into a thin layer, the thickness should be no greater than 2 - 3 mm.We need to try to unroll flat circle - then it will be easier to do khinkali.In the middle of the circle and put a spoonful of minced raised edges of the dough, gathering up as a bag.The more this gives fine wrinkles - the skillful hostess.Ready lift bag and gently shake it to the weight of minced stretched.Then twist the top and comes off a thick edge.Khinkali do more, per serving is two - three.

Cook khinkali several pieces in plenty of boiling salted water.Dip them into the water very carefully, trying not to damage delicate dough.Not stirred after cooking must emerge khinkali another 10 - 15 minutes.Take out is also very carefully with a slotted spoon, on a flat dish and immediately served.

This is a traditional recipe and dough and filling.With the test experiments are undesirable, but the filling can vary.There khinkali recipes with meat and mushrooms, with the addition of suluguni, potato, but connoisseurs of Caucasian cuisine, as are mountain people claim that there is nothing more delicious traditional khinkali did not come up.

like eating khinkali

properly prepare khinkali - even half the battle.They must be able to eat properly.Khinkali Eat only hot, cooled, they lose their original taste.The main advantage of this whimsical dishes - meat juice inside a thin shell of dough - if poured fragrant tasty liquid khinkali loses its charm.Caucasian dumplings etiquette need to learn, and at first meal may seem a serious challenge.The ability to have khinkali is to test if raskusyvanii not shed a single drop of the precious broth and do not burn, do not get dirty.Eat only khinkali hands, without fork and knife.Tear the top part of the bag of dough and enjoy the juicy meat, tasty juice and soft dough.How would the dumplings are not burned your fingers in any case can not wait until they cool down and put on a plate bitten khinkali - pours juice and you have just cooked meat with dough.

By khinkali usually served a lot of greens, fresh vegetables and tangy cream sauce.And of course, dry red wine.


in different institutions khinkali prepare different sizes - from small, little more than usual dumplings, to huge, almost the size of a soup plate.If you choose to snack at the tavern, find out what size you will be served khinkali - otherwise you can get into a mess.

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