Nettles in cooking

Nettles in cooking

nettle As used in cooking different countries, and how to cook from it

The beneficial properties of nettle has long been known, but many nettle is associated only as prickly foliage, which is better to bypass the.Perhaps our article to get someone to reconsider its attitude towards the nettles, because in this spitfire vitamins much more than in many vegetables and fruits.For example, it has more carotene than carrots, and vitamin C is several times more than lemon.And when you consider that there is a nettle in early spring, just at the time when the body is most in need of vitamin nourishment, the value of nettles as a culinary product is greatly increased.In cooking, use young nettles.Some unusual taste sensation not to be expected - the taste of nettle is not too bright, and the soloist in the ready meals it will not.But taking into account the exceptional utility of the greens, the question "to prepare - not ready" yet decided in favor of "cooking".

Nettles in salads

Even young nettles before cooking requires preprocessing.That she does not bite, it is necessary to put in a colander and pour over boiling water.Then immediately rinse under cold running water.If you are preparing a green salad, your choice of ingredients depends on the season.Early spring is the spring onion, lettuce, dill.All the herbs finely cut, add salt to taste and flavorful dressing.Do not forget that the taste and flavor of the salad will determine not nettle, so choose fragrance oil (it can be anything - from unrefined sunflower or pumpkin to mustard).Add to taste lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, black pepper, and if you love dressing of sour cream - it will also be very helpful.In this salad can add solidity to boiled potatoes, eggs, boiled meat - a lot of options.In the summer of nettles can be added to almost any salad of fresh vegetables.Shred cabbage and lightly mash prisolit.Scald nettles, finely chop it.Slice the cucumbers and tomatoes, cabbage and mix with nettles, add any herbs and dressing - five minutes and vitamin salad ready.

Soups nettle

Perhaps the most famous and popular recipe - a green soup with nettle.The process of cooking does not make sense to describe, with nettle soup prepared about the same as the green soup with sorrel.But there are some important points that must be investigated.Firstly, by itself nettle flavor scham will not, because it is used in conjunction with sorrel - that sorrel, and another teaspoon of sour cream give mandatory for this sour soup.Secondly, do not forget to scald nettles, and if you want to preserve vitamins - chop fresh herbs, but wear gloves.Then - as nettle much tougher and tighter sorrel, pour in the soup it is necessary to ten minutes before end of cooking time (while the dock is placed immediately after turning off the fire under the pot).And the last - to preserve vitamins, salt to the soup just before serving.

Chorb nettle (chorba - is any soup in Romanian, Moldovan and Bulgarian cuisine) is preparing for a different technology.There nettles entrusted more responsible role - she "creates" the broth and add it at the beginning of cooking.Young nettle finely cut and boiled in salted water.Then, in a skillet heat the butter or sunflower oil, add onions, flour and a pinch of paprika.When the flour is slightly browned, pour a little broth of nettles, stir and pour the mixture into the pan with boiled nettles.Add the rice and cook until cooked rice chorba.At the end of cooking pour the lemon juice, brew or a little vinegar - it acidifies soup.

In the French kitchen has cream of nettles.Finely cut the onion and garlic, stewed in vegetable oil in a pan with a thick bottom.Then pour in the chicken broth ready, add potatoes and nettle leaves, and cook potatoes until tender.Ready soup poured into a blender and pyuriruyut.Again bring to a boil, pour into bowls and add the greens.

Okroshka can also be prepared with nettles, and not only the traditional on bread kvass, but also with sour milk, yogurt.Nettles and a little boiled with other ingredients poured liquid.Taste it does not add, but will provide vitamins.

nettle filling for pies

As with any herbs, nettle pies.Dough taken any - flaky, fresh yeast.As for the filling, nettles need a company by itself it can not be filled.It is usually mixed with boiled rice, which added to fried onions and a little pepper.Instead, you can take boiled rice millet.And rice, and millet on request instead of fried onions add chopped boiled eggs.The exact proportion of not preparing the filling to taste - one kilogram nettle leaves takes a hundred grams of rice and five - six eggs, one of three parts of nettle adds two cereals.

There is another option of filling - not add grits and greens.For example, to make the stuffing of nettle and green onions.Finely chopped nettles and stewed for five minutes, then mixed with chopped green onions and chopped eggs.Or this option - stuffing of spinach and nettles.All the greens first well washed, then cut.First, the pan goes nettle and extinguished two minutes, then add the spinach and stewed for three minutes.The green on request you can add a young cheese or fresh cheese (suluguni Ossetian).

What else can be prepared with nettles

The simplest recipe - an omelette with nettles.Nettle few minutes boiled in salted water and leans in a colander.As long as the water flows down, in the pan fried onions in a bowl and preparing omletnaya mixture (mix eggs with milk, salt, pepper).When the onion fry in a frying pan and add the nettles extinguished a few minutes.All poured omletnoy mixture, covered with a lid and brought over low heat until tender.

in Italian cuisine added to the nettle risotto.Several recipes, but each of them must comply with a precondition - nettles put at the beginning of cooking, along with onions and when the onion becomes transparent - then add the rice.Nettle is used in the preparation of pasta - she blanched and crushed into a puree, then add to the batter as a natural dye (mostly spaghetti and lasagna sheets).Nettle prepare sauces, salad - recipe here, a lot of variations and options.

As you can see, to cook tasty and healthy dishes from nettle special culinary talent does not need, like strange ingredients.It's simple, home-style.Collect young nettles can be all summer, but try to do it in the woods or in the country - then it will be safe to say that the green clean.

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