Cycle Aerobics: weight loss and muscle use

Cycle - aerobics

A new word in fitness - Cycle will help you in losing weight and against cellulite

American cyclist Johnny Goldberg at the time I decided to combine bike and treadmill, to enable people to use the devicefor correct and useful exercise.

The result is a Cycle - a new trend in fitness.We'll talk about it in detail in this article.

Cycle - Program

Spinning - the second name of this kind of aerobics - demonstrates the essence of the exercise.Under the appropriate number of video and dynamic music with an instructor you will be offered a quick walk over rough terrain or up in the mountains on a steep wall.Strong load on leg muscles and cardio - vascular system allows you to quickly lose weight and build endurance.

number of calories burned in 30 minutes Cycle classes at twice the figure for the same treadmill.Of course, these loads can withstand not everyone, so the fitness - club offers two programs for beginners and advanced sayklerov.However, even for group lessons beginners, you should hav

e a healthy heart and netravmirovannye knees.

Cycle - slimming

Cycle - a bicycle race in the gym.With it you can quickly remove the extra kilos.Besides, it does not overload the joints, as in aerobics and running.Regular classic bike incomparable degree of loads Cycle.After all, the simulator is possible to adjust the type of drive, even in a completely vertical surface, and thereby secure a superstrong load!

As with any exercise, warm-Cycle provides compulsory.Following load increases - Riding on the sand, across the plain, through the swamp, uphill and downhill.In conclusion, the training - the restoration of breathing and stretching.

Increased total endurance, cardio - vascular system, the strengthening of the muscular system, and weight loss - all these tasks can solve regular workout Cycle.

consumption at medium speed is 9 km / h is 2.8 kcal per hour per kilogram of body weight, at a speed of 15 km / h - 4.8 kcal per hour per kilogram of body weight.During acceleration to 20 km / hour, you can lose 8 kcal per hour per kilogram of body weight.

Cycle - muscular use

addition to the effect of weight loss, spinning classes provide a tremendous strain on the hip, allowing the muscles to tighten, and women - to get rid of cellulite.Constantly engaged in the Cycle, you can strengthen your respiratory system and maintain excellent physical shape.In addition, each lesson gives a certain emotional unloading.The rhythmic, repetitive motion will plunge into a kind of trance, disconnect from your own thoughts and problems and to redirect the unspent energy in the right direction.