Wedding in Thailand - wedding ceremony in Thailand

wedding ceremony in Thailand

unusual wedding ceremony in Thailand - practical tips from the magazine «f-Journal.Ru»

Imagine the endless sea, the sun, warm breezes, palm trees, drums and youexotic, beautiful dresses, exchanged vows with his half in front of the arch, entwined with fresh flowers!

Impressive? If so, you should pay attention to the possibility of holding a wedding ceremony in an exotic Thailand, where it is very tolerant to all religions and traditions, and are ready to organize any ceremony, what you want.Now the organization of such events offer many travel agencies.

Photos - Phuket Island

For lovers of exotic romance, beauty and originality, it is possible to offer a delightful wedding ceremony on the shores of the Andaman Sea on the island of Phuket. This original mix of traditional Thai and western wedding wedding, bright Thai rituals, music and dance to the traditional romance and beauty.

Photo - Wedding in Phuket

Honeymooners will meet at the hotel and carried out for the start

of one of the Thai monasteries , where they will receive the traditional blessing of the nine Buddhist monks, which should bring you well-being, happiness and prosperity.After that you will be taken to the beach, where there will be prepared the wedding ceremony with elements of Thai customs and traditions.Traditional exchange vows at sunset, in front of the arch overgrown with flowers happen to the sound of drums and Thai will be accompanied by traditional dances brightly dressed natives.The ceremony ends with the ceremonial signing of the wedding certificate.

After the ceremony, you will find the traditional walk along the beach on an elephant , during which you will be accompanied by the national ensemble of drummers and dancers.You can make an infinite number of unique photographs, dance and enjoy each other and the local flavor.You will also be offered a drink of champagne on the beach, eat wedding cake, take a dip in the sea at sunset!Well, after a walk, you, of course, carried out in a luxurious room or bungalow with young dimensionless bed, decorated with fresh flowers and garlands!Is it possible to imagine a more romantic wedding ceremony?

Of course, such a holiday will cost is not cheap - more than five thousand dollars - but it's worth it!

The cost of the wedding package usually includes: organization celebration, musicians, dancers, elephants, transportation young minibus or limousine, blessing the monks, rental of costumes, bridal bouquet, cake, champagne, photography.Accommodation at the hotel and the flight will have to pay extra.

quite popular in recent years and is very spectacular mass wedding ceremony when brakosochetayutsya while 50 - 60 pairs!Imagine the wedding caravan of elephants, musicians, hundreds of dancers, surrounded by torchbearers!Quite an unusual sight!However, such a ceremony would have to agree in advance - every day marries a number of pairs.

For those who want to make their wedding day absolutely unforgettable , original and unconventional, here in Thailand, offered to organize a wedding ceremony on a cliff top.You should spend some time to climb the steep wall, to gain a foothold there with the appropriate equipment and to say your vows, hanging over the abyss!This wedding is certainly vow to become a long and happy married life!Organizers of the wedding photographed the entire ceremony, from the beginning of recovery, and you get a souvenir unforgettable pictures and certificate signed by you on the height and confirm the reality of your adventure.

Another unusual and extreme version of the wedding ceremony - to connect their hearts and breath (literally) at a depth of ten meters, while diving in the sea with scuba instructor-organizer of the ceremony.Just imagine: a bevy of colorful fish circling outside of your figures, corals and seaweed swaying around and silence!Of course, for such a ceremony would have to go a few test dives, but it's worth it!Possible options and dive in a submarine.

One of the most beautiful possible, even fabulous options for the wedding ceremony can be a holiday on a yacht. chartered planes can be almost anywhere in the coast, and to organize such a ceremony will help you staff or travel agency.All the yacht will be decorated with fresh flowers, garlands, paper lanterns!After the ceremony, you will be waiting on the deck covered with a dinner of traditional Thai and European dishes, with champagne and fruit!Deep night sky, boundless sea, gentle rocking boat on the waves - similar to the romance no one can remain indifferent!

such exotic version of the ceremony at the height of the high seas or at depth will cost slightly more expensive than a conventional wedding ceremony on land.

If desired, you can arrange this ceremony officially, through the Russian embassy, ​​but this will have to spend too much time.Therefore, wedding in Thailand is more a symbolic ceremony and certificate issued after the wedding, not an official document.

In general, the luxurious and unique ceremony, which you oznamenuete your marriage depends on your imagination and by the amount that you're willing to spend.Traditionally, the wedding should be present and the parents and friends of young, but it all depends on the financial capacity of the newlyweds.

Well, and, of course, after the ceremony is to stay in Thailand for another week and spend an unforgettable romantic honeymoon.

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