Pilates for beginners (beginners) - Instructions

Pilates for Beginners

Pilates for Beginners - how to breathe and do the exercises?Tips for beginners from the magazine «f-Journal.Ru»

beautiful terrain creates external muscles of the body, and which are heavily loaded during classical training.

Actually, for most people this exercise, sweating in the gym.But there is apparently invisible muscles located deep and during the workout routine very often they are not involved.Over time, these muscles weaken and increasingly become sluggish, even those who regularly trains.

The Pilates exercise program is well thought out and is developing all the deepest muscles. A properly delivered breath nourishes all the tissues with oxygen and improves blood flow to the brain.Indications Pilates virtually has no health or age, it is one of the few types of fitness, which from the beginning you can do at home.But do not try to immediately take on challenging exercises!Pilates - a system of deep, and newcomers may find it difficult.In order not to get confused and lose interes

t in their studies, let's break it down.

Pilates for Beginners - Setting breathing

In Pilates the cornerstone - properly delivered breath. in a lying or sitting position, assume a comfortable position for you, relax as much as possible, free from unnecessary emotions and thoughts.To make it easier to focus on the breath and to sort out their feelings - close your eyes.Begin to breathe deeply-feeding.Feel for breath as the ribs to the sides, and the output achieve that stomach muscles began to shrink.Breathing should be uniformly considered myself and try to every breath and every breath held for at least three seconds.

When the breath is mastered gradually get out of the relaxed state.Tighten your abdominal muscles, feel the body tone, continue to breathe in such a state.

Pilates for Beginners - hold a press

Learn complete relaxation and concentration on specific muscles! Pilates implies that health - is the energy, and if your abs tense - so he carries the energy.The energy must be constant, therefore - and the press must constantly be on their toes.In this case, leaving only the desired tone the muscles and the entire body should be relaxed.

achieve this is not easy even for those who engage in Pilates is not the first month. This is understandable - to our way of life and the eternal rush to keep the press at a constant voltage is not always possible.It is necessary to digress for a moment - the abdominal muscles relaxed treacherous.In this situation, can only help time and patience.Fit the press has become a habit, and it was easier to work out - watch the press while walking, working at the computer, on the way to the store, or sitting at the TV.

Pilates for Beginners - watch posture

Spine - a "messenger" of the body. What would you do, and no matter what the situation may be - sitting, lying down or standing up - you should always keep an eye on your posture.Shoulders should be lowered down and deployed blades tend to each other.It should also become a habit, like trim press.

Straighten your back and try to imagine that if your spine is pulled up.The more the spine is straightened, the greater the distance between its wheels - depends on the flexibility of the back.

Be prepared for the fact that constantly monitor itself is not so easy to , and in practice it is not easy to think about proper breathing, and stress the press, do not forget to follow the bearing.But nothing is impossible!Do not pursue quick results and to begin to deal with these simple rules.Pilates - it is the case that the best result is the one who is in no hurry.Good luck!

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