Crown of celibacy: rock?

crown of celibacy

What should I do if I can not get married?If all men need only a fleeting relationship, but the hand and heart so no one offered?

you - a beauty.Or just a nice girl.You have a higher education, you know how to behave in public, dress up and always keep an eye on him.Are you often meet on the street - but then two or three visits is not going.But married men are happy to take you to the mistress.In the meantime, all plump, homely girlfriend povyskakivali already married, and for good husbands.And you like the crown of celibacy ...


Previously, if a girl married a long time, everyone in the neighborhood sincerely believed in it - damage.It is difficult to find a village peasant woman, who does not know how to put on somebody crown of celibacy.

crown of celibacy ... This word was once feared by all young girls.They imagine it as some kind of invisible halo above him that the magic power repels all men.And when the grandmother-shepotuha chicken eggs or special rites alleged

ly rented a crown with an unhappy girl, she really gets married then.And all because she had calmed down, believing her grandmother.And stop being nervous, harassed and clingy, desperate look inspect all men.A calm, balanced girl may like it, of course.

life scenario?

Eric Berne, the famous psychoanalyst, I am sure that the same scenario we wrote.No, not in the celestial office - our parents.From birth, they reveal to the world of the child - they learn it, they fear, someone to love, something to strive for.Note that all parents somehow speak about the future of their offspring, and so different and outlining his fate: "Here Losers grow up, go to work as a janitor and sopeshsya, like his father," "Will the same beautiful, like your mom and everyoneguys will run after you, "" grow up the same empty-headed, like your aunt. "In addition, adults are often taken to judge the future beauty girl back when she was barely a year old.But all the baby stores, and all the "ugly ears" and "Grandfather nose" more than once otolyutsya her tears during adolescence.

In some women strongly influences the opinions of others, and they turn in on themselves, while others "all the luck," one of the ugly duckling becomes a beautiful swan.And it turns out!All deficiencies are carefully hidden, better paraded as at the Christmas shop window, and the girl herself always and everywhere proves that it is - beautiful.And if she took for it, sooner or later, after all the talk sense - so says the famous Sophia Loren.

But in the case when the girl because of the "good" uncles and aunts overgrown complexes, and when it is too fixated on the exterior, get married it will be difficult.Why is that?Yes, because if a man every day to hear: "I beautiful?Exactly? ... Something you do not negotiate.Perhaps you have not seen a wart on my neck, "then more susceptible convinced her passion, she is not beautiful, and really like it at all, he drew attention to? .. But in fact exactly the same complex and the girlwhich has become a beauty "all enemies out of spite."After all, it is constantly something to prove, and proves therefore not very confident.Rather, it argues in the first place itself.In addition, all the endless masks depilatory creams from morning to evening will withdraw himself from any macho.And he wants plump village girl with rosy cheeks and fluffy painted eyelashes.

And finally, you discover a secret: men are afraid of beautiful women too.

Psychology? ...

In fact, a significant role played by psychology.There are certain types of women, which men do not want to get married so that really ready "to eat in front of the registrar's office your passport."So, there are only 7:


all "small" nymphet with pouty lips (silicone-inflated, as an option) always initially attracted to men - apparently instinct to protect the weak and to take care of the little ones.But then such Lolita pretty annoying his companions, who still sometimes want to be naughty instead of nice doll was alive and sensual woman.


If one zaiknetsya loved that soup spiked with him a love potion - only heels sparkle.Men's any violence on their feelings, especially tricky, always infuriating.Imagine that you liked my colleague, and he admitted that you just coded a new psychological method?Yes, you just hate that man, feeling a toy in the hands of others.So men.They do not like girls who practice witchcraft or magic - in fact forced to fall in love today, tomorrow and even with light szhivet.


As soon started dating, and have already indicated a man like him to pass the threshold, removing shoes and what to say?Rather, it runs away.Unless, of course, not a rag, and only a rag nobody likes.Men like to command.But not like to be submissive soldiers subordinate female general's.Yes, the stronger sex does not respect henpecked scared and afraid to be in their place.


Love beautiful life?Does not take income Man and order in the restaurant's most expensive dishes?Perhaps he has for you affection, but to link the fate of the beatings.After all, for a man to confess in love and marry - a serious step.This means that it is ready for you to take responsibility and provide everything you need.Even having a good condition can seriously think about why his wife, which contain more than six mistresses.Selfish they are men, and calculating.Nature they have such.


As in the famous tale, crockery from you already ready to run?The house has a trash ashamed to bring guests?Unfortunately, these girls do not marry a man in a hurry.How would groomed themselves did not look beautiful.For the man is still the most important economic and cleanliness, even if in the future it is going to hire a maid.


Keep baking cakes, knitting and like to woo the man as king?So why then flee?Why do not want to marry a mistress?I'm just bored.And boredom in a relationship for them worse than war.Even if a man marries a "Mamane," it still will lead a mistress will feel hot blood is her passion.And you will remain cool long evenings faithfully knit him socks.


whom men fear most - so it's hysterical and nervous women.It's only in the movies harassed girls with shattered nerves touches, and allegedly even from this very passionate in bed.A live permanently on the volcano and benefit from this huge adrenaline dare not every man.After all, any macho in my heart still wants his beloved comfort, love and respect.And also - peace, tranquility and peace of mind.

Found at similar traits in the character? From an urgent need to get rid of them!Learn how to be soft, feminine, peaceful, different, mysterious and desirable.And where only the crown of celibacy go anywhere!

psychologist Anna Vadimova for the site «f-Journal.Ru»

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