How to donate money for the original wedding

how to give the money to the wedding original

far the most desired wedding gift is just money!But even money can give very original!

Far behind were the days when it was fashionable to give the newlyweds a wedding tea sets, colored carpets and numerous sets of pots.Nowadays, the main gift for the newlyweds become money.It can be a very long time to have a discussion on the appropriateness of presenting the expense of such a gift, but the fact still remains unchanged.

If you finally decided to present a cash gift to a young couple , it would be best to be his original beat.After all, the effect of surprise - this is something that will help you in this case.In the Turkish wedding is an ancient tradition to hang the money directly to the newlyweds, hitched banknotes to tapes of their outfits.But not every bride would agree to turn their snow-white wedding dress at the Christmas tree.That is why in this case should be possible to express their imagination!

How original donate money to the newlyweds?

Money Tree

If you can not come up with an original method of awarding money to newlyweds at the wedding ceremony, the best use of all will absolutely win-win option, and repeatedly tested - do have a money tree.As a basis we can take an ordinary houseplant leaves to which you want to attach banknotes.No less a nice gift for newlyweds can also become their family tree, in which near the small picture frames will be placed money.

Colorful bunch of money

One of the simplest methods of delivery of money to the wedding celebration is considered a money bouquet.This idea can be interpreted in two ways.In a sense, you can supplement the traditional banknotes bouquet of flowers, but you can try to make a real money bouquet.In the second version should take care about the aesthetics of gift and strive to create a composition of different colored banknotes or banknotes of various currencies.Another embodiment of this gift is to create origami out of money.But in this case, you should be especially careful not to damage the bills.

Money surprise

How to present money to the newlyweds that they just could not imagine what kind of gift you decide to teach them?You can put some money into a comfortable and original box to pack it, Trailers beautiful bow.Newlyweds during printing such gifts have pretty nervous, waiting for something unusual and they certainly will be very glad to see the bill at the bottom of the box.One of these options for delivery of money can be a small chest with a huge amount of coins or bills, and a unique purse.

Money - a work of art

Before giving money to newlyweds as a wedding present, you must try and exert all their imagination.For the most inventive and hardworking guests an ideal option would be the creation of gift wedding panels.Subjects for this product, you can choose the most diverse - from portrait to landscape image forest.

You can also buy beautiful candy and banknotes roll themselves in the form of candy.To do this, every bill twist into a tube, wrap it in tissue paper and tie a ribbon on top.Surprisingly, and very beautiful!

If you have absolutely no time to think through similar inventions, the best of all is to give young family original design piggy bank with your first vznosom.I should not accompany your gift lots of warm words and wedding wishes to the newlyweds.After all, a gift is not important, but more important than family happiness of the newlyweds!