From what to wear fur vest winter

what to wear fur vest

From what to wear fur vest winter?Tips and tricks for stylish women from the site «f-Journal.Ru»

Fur vest - fashionable, beautiful and comfortable piece of clothing, which serves as a light coat or jacket.Although the vest can match with a fur coat for warmth, to wear it is also practical and allows a huge number of combinations with different ensembles.Although it should be noted that in wearing the vest, there are certain limitations.

From what to wear fur vest girls winter, having a curvaceous?

First of all, it is recommended to choose long jackets of short-haired fur, trapezoidal or slim line styles.Such vests profitable hide all the flaws of the figure.At the same time the girls of short stature is best to abandon the long vests, because visually it will make the figure even shorter.They are more suitable model of short short-haired or short-haired fur.Girl with a slim figure and high kicks can safely wear a long-haired fur vests from long to mid-thigh or below.Very good jackets

are combined with a wide contrast waistband.

When choosing an ensemble must be remembered that the fur vest further increases the volume of the silhouette, so the parts are combined should be a contrasting or corresponding volume.Traditionally, the optimal combination for the fur to wear a leather.Interestingly enough looks to combine fur with leather back on the forehand, or simply abundant fur-trimmed leather vest.

regards combination with casual clothes very advantageous looks fur vests with cocktail dresses, jeans, classic trousers, leather trousers and pants-pipes, as well as a wide lush skirts, a pencil skirt.Interestingly look a combination of fur vest with long leather or suede gloves.

For evening ensemble style vest must be selected, depending on the length of the dress.

With short tight dresses best to harmonize short-elongated form-fitting jackets and long dresses with long-haired short jackets.It should be noted that formal dress is not necessary to choose the most elegant and expensive, the necessary image give it a luxury fur vest.

color palette for casual wear should be very careful, because in itself fur vest is bright enough piece ensemble.And it is absurd under the jacket of gray or brown sweater to wear bright or golf.Things are bright and rich colors combine with black, white and colored fur.

Fashion designer Natalia Soloid for the site «f-Journal.Ru»