Black wedding dress?

Black Wedding Dress

Black wedding dress - violate wedding traditions

Wedding Dress color black night someone will perceive as a challenge to tradition, someone - like excessive boldness, and someone will be sure to addictionBride magic or passion gothic.As designers of wedding fashion, they had long been considered as an odd choice extraordinary event - wedding fashion trends are such that there are increasingly giving up in favor of white dresses wedding dress a different color.

Black wedding dress - History

wedding fashion history tells us that such an unusual solution for the dress of the bride came up with Baroness Cassandra Akkurti, the owner of the Parisian fashion house Russian.In the 30s of the last century, she suggested color collection of wedding dresses, where the bride first marriage, was chosen white, the second marriage was offered pink dress and ladies who are going to marry a third time, offering luxury toiletsdark colors with silver fox.

Black color only in some countries it is definitely

the color of mourning. In the majority of it is associated with mystery, magic, mystery, black color - a symbol of the important changes.And according to popular belief, black wedding dress confirms the seriousness of the decision and the choice of the bride, and in addition, it is assumed that such dress is endowed with a powerful protective force, it reflects all the negative and considered a talisman.

Black wedding dress - the rules for choosing a spectacular outfit

Black is not for everyone, though, and makes the figure a graceful, slender, graceful.However, it is heavier and image, and certainly does not cause sensations of lightness, ease.Black - it is the official solemnity, classic, requiring respect for detail and detail.Including to the make-up - a little too far in the shadows, blush, powder - all these will become more prominent, and will manifest all the wrinkles.So it is with the wedding pictures - black dress outfit is not a win-win, it could easily "lost" against the background of bright clothing or visitors on a colorful background scenery.

  • For the bride tsvetotipa "Autumn" and "Spring» black dress totally unsuitable.But if you're determined to give preference to this color, choose black and white model, in which the black color is the most removed from your face.
  • For the bride tsvetotipa "Summer» black color is not too fine.Try searching for a spectacular steel toilet, gray or a deep dark purple color.These colors can be diluted with white or pearl color.
  • For the bride tsvetotipa "Winter» black dress is fine.You can choose as a pure black color and black-and-brown dress, dark purple, blue and black brushed or iridescent fabric.

If all the black - is not your color, but I want it to be in the dress, the compromise will be the model of black and white dresses, in which black least.This may be a black bow and a wide belt, finishing at the hem dresses, black lace gloves.

Black wedding dress - dress very effective, and it will certainly be impressed and will not go unnoticed. However, taking such a decision, be sure to consult with a future spouse, and if not met with understanding on his part, it is better to abandon the search for extravagance and more universal and understandable for the surrounding solution.