Fashionable women's pants fall-winter 2011/2012


article about women's fashion shorts autumn-winter 2011/2012

all admirers of shorts will not be bored in the autumn-winter period. They are still fashionable and ceased to be part of the only summer wardrobe.Loved by many women garment has not lost its relevance in this season, as evidenced by its number in the world's fashion shows where famous designers have managed to combine the shorts with a variety of objects fall and winter wardrobe, complementing the images of models of trendy accessories.

most fashionable hit this cold season is leather shorts. Any girl or woman will look at these shorts just fine.Combining leather shorts with a classic white shirt and black jacket, any business woman subdue all its rigor and style at the same time.And in combination with a vest, corset or light jacket, shorts will give her the image of sexuality and extreme refinement.Equally look good in leather shorts complete with knitted sweaters and pullovers: stylish, fashionable, and most importantly - wa


shorts with pockets and cuffs, shorts with unusual shapes, bright colors, with the original belts are also in vogue. For example, high-waisted shorts successfully emphasize the female figure, and in combination with a short transparent blouse with ruffles give the image of a kind of romance and tenderness.Strict cut short, narrow strap blouse, elongated jacket - and the office dress code is ready.This dress can safely go to a business meeting or to go on a business trip.

most fashionable prints this season considered a Scottish cage. main condition fashionable image - bright colors shorts, complete with self-colored silk blouse or sweater, similar in color to one of the cells on the shorts, thick tights.The striking image in the style of urban chic.It should be remembered that the general cell visually increases thigh.

Knitted shorts and fur - it is the most extraordinary new season. A combination jersey, silk and furs, for example - the mad creativity that will appeal to many.Wearing a sweater with these shorts to match, you will not only look chic, but also to feel cozy and comfortable.Well together gray, black and white, shades of coffee, brown, blue and burgundy.For the warm autumn days leave denim shorts.Do not hide them in the far corner of the summer wardrobe.Shirt and sweater with shorts create such everyday and simple way, and to combine their evening dress with a T-shirt (embroidered with sequins or rhinestones) and strict jacket or vest.Bright Club ensemble ready!

romantic and gentle natures suit skirt-shorts that do not hand over their positions, as well as tweed shorts. combination of shorts with jackets and coats of various cut may seem strict.Therefore, it is best to supplement tight pantyhose bright colors and beautiful shoes.It is important to match the general stylistic direction.And will it boots, boots, boots or shoes with lacing - you decide.

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