«Jay Ahr» - elegance in simplicity

Jonathan Riss (Jay Ahr)

Dresses «Jay Ahr» always perfect, and the winter collection 2011-2012 to undeniable proof

Every woman strives to find the perfect dress for yourself.Sometimes the search for such a dress dragged on for many years.Through the array of clothing stores, reviewed huge pile of fashion magazines.The result turns out to be very close, and his name is Jonathan Riss (Jonathan Riss). French designer, who founded her brand «Jay Ahr» glorifying it skillfully sewed women's dresses. distinctive feature of the brand - simple shapes and minimal decoration.Also, the designer rarely in their works using bright colored fabrics, mostly plain flowing fabrics.But that does not make his work less, but on the contrary, thanks to this combination of fabric colors and shapes a woman always looks attractive and sexy.The main philosophy of the brand «Jay Ahr» is the dress the main thing in a woman's wardrobe, and it must be worn every day.Simple or sophisticated, long or short, strict or sexual every creature designer k

nows how to seduce.Jay Ahr dress out of time and out of fashion, they all occasions.

From the History of the brand

Although Jonathan Riss, and founded his own brand in 2000, being a fairly well-known designer, the brand did not immediately gained wide popularity.Some time spent in the search for the designer of ideal forms of future dresses, combining their unique skills with a variety of materials and textures.The future maestro has honed his skills working in "ethno" style "military style", studied the technique of embroidery with gold and diamonds in Bombay (India), got acquainted with the production of fabrics in the mountains of Kashmir (Pakistan), drew inspiration for Ukrainian cotton factories, which create formsfor the Soviet Army (studying methods of creating and tailoring military uniforms of the Soviet sample).As a result, he joined all learned, in a dress.Among the famous designer fans listed Vanessa Paradis, Jennifer Lopez, Heidi Klum, Blake Lively, Eva Longoria.Price dresses «Jay Ahr» starts from € 1000.

collection autumn - winter 2011 - 2012

The collection autumn - winter 2011 - 2012 the trademark «Jay Ahr» as always offer the perfect execution of monochrome dresses. Models are made in black, white, blue, burgundy and gray.The collection includes a short-fitting silhouette, cocktail dresses and long evening dresses, draped blouses, pants several models both narrow and wide.Evening dresses floor-length black and white colors made of light, flowing fabrics, both with an open back and closed.The most original model of the collection - a burgundy evening dress floor-length made of velvet with an open back and a deep cut, trimmed with long fur.When making the collection designer used traditional fabric itself chiffon, velvet, cotton knitted fabrics, leather.The whole collection was on the one hand chic, daring and interesting, on the other hand feminine and sophisticated fully meets the philosophy of the brand.These dresses are always relevant and well suited to women of any age.Dresses from Jonathan Riesz perfect choice for Christmas and special occasions.

designer Natalia Soloid for the site «f-Journal.Ru»