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interesting article about what material is best to choose a bathing suit

Today every fashionista can treat yourself to a bathing suit all tastes.Fortunately, modern stores offer a large selection of a wide variety of swimsuits, so every woman can only think about how to choose the "beach attire" is not only fashionable and beautiful, but also the most conducive to the preservation of the health of its owner.

Naturally, when choosing a bathing clothes the first thing you should pay attention - this quality. What is he, a quality swimsuit?First of all, it should perfectly breathable, does not sit down, do not stretch, do not fade, do not wrinkle, do not lose shape, quickly dry.Advantageously also the swimsuit minimizing the adverse effects of ultraviolet radiation on the skin.Modern swimsuits allow sunbathing, without removing it, ie sunbathing through the fabric.Naturally, the cost of such a bathing suit will be significantly higher than normal, but given the fact that good quality bathing s

uit and without any "bells and whistles" and can not be cheap.As part of modern fabrics for swimwear include: Lycra, taktel, polyamide, microfiber and nylon, cotton, polyester and other materials.

Materials beachwear

Lycra (spandex, lycra, spantsel, Vayrynen, Espa) - a synthetic fiber that has, above all, strength, elasticity, excellent stretch.Bathing suits with lycra are resistant to chlorine, which is especially lovers can appreciate swimming in the pool, durable and flexible, which is an undoubted advantage of them.For bathing suit in his presence Lycra fabric - always (at least 20% of members of swimwear fabric is to consist of Lycra for correction).Content in the swimsuit fabric lycra more than 30% is undesirable, because such a swimsuit is not hygienic, it is practically not breathable.To check whether a part of the fabric of your bathing suit includes Lycra enough to try to stretch the heat.If the stretch is 1.5-2 times their normal size, you can be sure that a part of the fabric has a Lycra, otherwise - is likely to deceive you manufacturers.

material that combines knit and Lycra fiber - called taktel (tac - on the label) , which is characterized by its flexibility, softness and breathability.Swimsuit of a material dries almost immediately after bathing.Moreover, you will not necessarily be located in the open sun - he even dry in the shade for a few minutes.With regard to the polyimide (pa - on the label), the material is soft, elastic and density, but at the same time is quick-drying fabric, which tightens the shape perfectly.It is virtually the same taktel, but with more shine.If added to the polyamide and Lycra yet, it only improves the quality of the bathing suit.It will serve you 2-3 seasons are guaranteed, as is the property of shape recovery after stretching.Keep in mind that the percentage of additives to the polyamide lycra should not exceed 16% in order to avoid contraction of the body and the skin is not possible to breathe.

for owners not quite perfect hips, waist ideal option would be a bathing suit made of microfiber. addition to its so-called "direct function", this swimsuit is also significantly improves the shape of its owner, making it more slender, fit lives, waist thinner and expressive.This silky, stretch fabric hugs the body completely, dries quickly due to the good air permeability and is resistant to chlorine, which will be very useful when bathing in the pool.

Nylon fabric (ny - on fabric) , produced by their oil by chemical means, do not crumple, do not shrink in the wash, very well worn and dry quickly, and great breathable.

For cotton (co - label) , the swimsuit fabric differs from that of the best breathability, but at the same time - keeps its shape worse in comparison with other tissues.This swimsuit will not fail if there is a part of the fabric is not less than 15% Lycra.For low-cost models swimsuits used polyester (pes - on the label), by which a swimsuit does not fade in the sun, but the water suck "not friends" in the process of drying is converted into a shapeless rag, so in any case it will be enough to you for one season.

As for the quality of seams , then they should pay special attention when choosing a bathing suit because the seams are not from the flat linen material can lead to rubbed on the skin, and holes and uneven lines will also be an extremely unpleasant phenomenon.

¬ęBathing" fitting

on you do not have any clothes?You even removed the stockings?Great!Now, you sure you are ready for fitting bathing suit.In the beginning you need to proekzamenovat each of your chosen swimwear (lean, sit down, pulled in different directions).If the swimsuit suspicious crackling, you feel uncomfortable, cut into the hip joints and chest, then this swimsuit is too small for you.Do not forget that by displacement of clothing is dangerous for your health.Trying on swimsuit, you can push your thumb through the strap.If the finger passes freely under the straps of the swimsuit - then you will need a swimsuit smaller size.Otherwise - the size larger.There swimwear double bodice, which are ideally suited to owners of magnificent forms of breast, because thanks to attached inside the mesh swimsuit special slimming corset, a swimsuit can keep delicate female body from injury.

Note when choosing a swimsuit

And finally: remember that sunbathing in a swimsuit made of synthetic fabric is highly undesirable, since under the influence of high temperature fibers such tissues begin to be dissolved, and that the worse - off toxic substances (monomers)which adversely affect your health.In addition, to avoid colds, remember one simple rule: After water procedures it is necessary to remove a wet bathing suit, and do not stay wet.And in order to keep your bathing suit kept the brightness of color and form, after swimming in salt or chlorinated water is best to rinse it in fresh water and then dried, and certainly in the background, in order to avoid the loss of bright colors.

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