Masks for oily skin.

Masks for oily skin

masks for oily skin - traditional recipes from the online magazine «f-Journal.Ru»

The most important feature of oily skin - a shine that appears as a result of excessive development of sebaceous glands.In order to reduce the production of sebum is not necessary to go to the beautician, just look in your fridge.

So popular recipes masks for oily skin

There is a large number of masks to get rid of oily skin, that can prepare yourself at home, here are some of them:

Cucumber - Milk Mask

Masks for oily skin For its preparation must be mixed fresh cucumber juice, milk, one egg and a little rose water.The mask should be applied to the face and neck, leave on for fifteen minutes.At the expiration of the time to remove the remnants of the mask from the face with a damp cloth.This mask is suitable for all, regardless of age.Due to the fact that is prepared from natural products, it has no side effects.

Orange Mask

Masks for oily skin For its preparation is required: the juice of half an orange, one egg, two hundred gram

s of oatmeal and a little glycerin.Protein is necessary to shake up in foam and add the oatmeal and orange juice, stir, add glycerol (he in this mask will act on the skin as a moisturizer).

Mask avocado

Masks for oily skin To prepare this mask you need to mix the pulp of avocado halves, one egg white and one teaspoon of lemon juice.The finished mask applied to the skin of the neck and face, and after twenty minutes, rinse with cool water and wipe the skin tonic.

Strawberry mask

Masks for oily skin This mask effectively cleanse the skin, narrows enlarged pores, returns skin elasticity and firmness.For its preparation you need to mix accuracy six strawberries, two tablespoons of dry clay, two spoonfuls of breadcrumbs and one teaspoon of brandy.Apply this mask to three times a week for twenty minutes.