Hair care in the summer - tips, recipes for hair masks

Hair care in summer

sun and sea water adversely affect the hair.Hair care in the summer and hot time - find out how to help them stay beautiful and healthy

Particular attention should be paid to the hair is in the summer. At this time, the hair exposed to the hot wind, scorching sun, sea water.All this makes your hair weak and brittle.The sun dries the hair.Seawater reduces the keratin of which hair was weakened, which ultimately leads to their precipitation.Hot wind can be a hair dryer prirovnyat, the effect is the same, it dries the hair structure, making them dry and brittle.

Hair care in the summer - tips

How to keep hair beautiful, shiny and healthy? Much Fortunately, today there are many tools for hair care.Use a shampoo and conditioner with UV filters, it helps to cope with the problems of harmful effects.Just shampoo should be soft and not aggressive.

Headgear in the summer should be you best friend.Try not to stay in the sun without a panama or headscarves.In the summer, it is better not

to use a hairdryer, let the hair dry by themselves.

How to prepare your hair to the sea

If you are preparing for a trip to the sea, you need to know the following.To rid your hair of posechennyh tips and facilitate laying, it is necessary to make a new haircut or at least trim the ends.

If you want to color the hair or a perm, then it is better to wait.If the desire is still overcame, it is better to do it at least two weeks before the holiday.During this time, restore the structure of hair and color pigments are not very fade in the sun and sea water washed away.Curls received permed, will remain resilient and beautiful.

hair do not like direct sunlight, especially if they are colored.That hair is not bleached by the sun and did not much dry, be sure to be on the beach in a headdress.Well suited straw hat, it will allow air and thus delay the sunlight.As often as possible, and intensified on the beach spray the hair with mineral water, because it is also very hot.After the sea

sure rinse hair with fresh water.Comb comb the sand out of your head, preferably wood, it will improve the blood circulation of the head.

Eat more fruits and vegetables, it helps nourish the hair from the inside.Eat foods that contain a lot of calcium, such as milk.Drink plenty of non-carbonated mineral water, juices and fruit drinks with fresh fruit.

Hair care in the summer - hair mask

use hair masks

use of masks in the summer is one of the most important elements of hair care products.Mask strengthens and nourishes the hair and gives them a coveted shine.It helps prevent split ends and smooth out existing ones.Just mask restores the structure of hair and stimulates their growth.Using a mask 1-2 times a week should enter you in the habit.

See necessarily the content, it must include:

  1. vitamin E, which retains moisture, protects from damage and adds shine to hair;
  2. chitosan, which slows down the aging of the hair;
  3. keratin, which fills cracks in her hair;
  4. vitamin F, which helps to moisturize and restore hair cells;
  5. vegetable oils help moisturize the hair, they form a protective film on the scalp;
  6. panthenol, facilitates combing and retains moisture.

way to use the mask is simple: apply a small amount of roots of hair mask, massage movements rub into the roots and spread it over the entire length of the comb.Leave it for a while.For best results, wrap your hair with a towel wrap and Insulate.

Recipes hair masks at home

It is worth noting that each hair mask must contain a variety of oil.This can be carried safely olive, buckthorn, burdock, and any other type of vegetable oil, which helps to eliminate dry hair not only alone, but also the scalp.In addition, the summer is always a mask, you can add decoctions of leaves of plants, seeds or fruits.

mask can be done at home.Here are a few recipes for moisturizing mask:

  1. Nutritious mask for all hair types: mix 1 ch. L.vegetable oil with 9 hours. l.buckthorn.
  2. mix 3 hours. L.olive oil at 2 h. L.almond oil and jojoba, and add 1 hour.l.avocado oil, 2 drops of lemon essential oil and 3 drops of essential oil of ylang-ylang.
  3. Tomato mask.Just do the tomatoes perfectly affect hair growth, strengthening their good roots.To prepare the mask must be cleaned from the tomato peel and as much as possible to grind it, and then add 1. L.glycerol.Apply the mask thoroughly, spreading it over all the hair and left in a position somewhere in 3-40 minutes.As a result, everything is washed off with warm water with 1 tablespoon of vinegar.
  4. Very useful is the old hair mask of walnut kernels.In this case it is necessary to grind the nuts carefully, and then mixed with the milk to obtain a homogeneous mass.The resulting mixture is applied to the hair for 30 minutes, wrapped with a towel.At the end of the mask is washed off with warm water.Mask of walnut kernels perfectly solves the problem of dry hair stimulating their growth.
  5. moisturizing mask for curly hair.It is necessary to beat one egg yolk with olive oil at the same time, adding to the mixture for 1 hour. L.honey, cognac and henna powder.Just the mask itself should be applied to relatively clean damp hair.Rinse entire mask can be 10 minutes later.

Internet magazine «f-Journal.Ru» hopes that the above tips can help strengthen and preserve the beauty and health of your hair in the summer or hot season.