How to find the perfect hairstyle?

How to find the perfect hairstyle?

regaining youth using hairstyles

Do you think it possible, by proper selection of haircuts to downplay the age of, say, 5-10 years?Unambiguously answer this question it difficult even leading stylists - masters of their craft, because in this situation very much depends on the initial data: the color and structure of the hair, face shape, skin color, etc.But if you listen to the advice of professionals, you can easily choose for themselves the perfect hairstyle that profitable emphasize all the advantages of your appearance and visually give you a more youthful appearance.

Do not forget that each of us is quite unique, respectively, that the perfect girlfriend - blue-eyed brown-haired woman, not necessarily in harmony with your way.Even experienced hairdressers before finally determine the choice of hairstyles, long time studying the client and carefully evaluate the features of its appearance.However, some universal highlight is still possible.

short road to the youth

Today, there is a perception that the type of hairstyle bob, bob, younger absolutely everyone, even though it does not always work.For example, if a middle-aged lady with blond hair will opt for short hair, then it certainly will benefit from this: will youthful audacity and enthusiasm.But if such a step will be decided 18-year-old girl, then she looks add to his two or three years.But the point is that such a hairstyle like a square, visually unify age, and when it comes easier, it relegates it to 25-28 years.It adheres to this view Drykin Andrew - Art Director Pantene Pro-V for Eastern Europe.

By the way, in this business there and their tricks.So, for example, thick bangs easily able to hide wrinkles on the forehead and bridge of the nose, which will also play for the benefit of: the youth will return to you, and quickly and without loss.However, this solution does not always change the appearance for the better: depending on the shape of the face should choose a certain type of bangs, or abandon it altogether.

elderly ladies may throw a few years, preferring haircut "a boy".Although this option is more than acceptable for young girls.However, in this respect, stylists advise to avoid extremes.For example, shaved his head is unlikely to grace the lady, and age, in this case - is not the main criterion.Features

wearing long hair

Naturally the question arises: is flowing long hair do not allow to cope with the hated for years and regain a more youthful appearance?After all, in fact, just such a hairstyle traditionally considered an attribute of youth and girlhood?However, here we can see the opposite situation radically, when this kind of haircut is not only to emphasize the age of the little ladies, more often priplyusovyvaya him a couple godochkov.

Long hair profitable external data frame women, as well as refreshing its image as a whole only when they are very well-groomed and shiny.There is also a strong focus on the face, which should be smooth and full of health.For example, in 30 years, such hairstyles is really a young woman, letting her look years to 25. But after 40 is better to give preference braids and neat bundles that exclude sloppiness and untidiness and hide age-related changes in the structure of the hair.

I want to stay individually in such a favorite option of wearing long hair, as the "ponytail".It's really very beautiful hair, which can be very useful is to young girls.But for ladies aged tail looks like a very, very caricatured, ridiculous and absurd.

universal solution

There are techniques which work perfectly at any age.For example, it is easy, similar to the natural, wavy on hair.As rightly notices Kirill Kulikov, curly styling ways to turn this girl into a woman, and the latter, in turn, give the charm of youth.

In this regard, very comfortable, modern fashion, dictating the superiority of natural and natural.For easy negligence in her hair is capable of giving a certain freshness appearance ladies at any age, while carefully smoothed hair able to create otherwise.

Instead of conclusion

course, the choice of hairstyles, which can visually reduce your age, more than individual.It is necessary to consider not only the shape of the person, but also the color of the skin, hair structure, especially temper etc.And then there is always a game on the contrast, where the main thing - to be able to correctly identify the boundaries of what is permitted, and in any case not to cross them.

Quite often, together with a selection of hairstyles raises the question of finding a new hair color.It is worth bearing in mind that light colors apparently associated with something young and the young, while the dark, on the contrary, give a certain maturity and consciousness.So ladies, older is better to give preference to Light Brown and shades of blonde.