Simple secrets of youth and beauty of women

Simple secrets of youth and beauty of women

secret of eternal youth there!

People are always trying to find the secret of eternal youth.Of course, first of all the question I worried beautiful half of humanity.Today all the women's magazines are filled with all sorts of recommendations for its solution.

Why do some women, and after fifty look young, while others age of forty?What tips exist to preserve youth?

more positive

Scientists say that a living organism is an open system, and is a living being is in harmony with nature, life goes on.Hence, the first secret of eternal youth: live in harmony with themselves and the world around you, more positive thoughts and to smile.Happy cheerful man looks younger than his years.


Notice sleep, lack of which is manifested by the presence of bruises under his eyes, memory problems, nervous system disorders.Sleep in a cool ventilated room.Do not take alcohol and do not play sports for a few hours before bedtime.

Proper nutrition

Another secret is maintaining youthful good nutrition.

Experts believe that the most harmful free radicals, which destroy the cell structure.The destruction of these aggressive molecules promotes the use of vitamins - antioxidants.During the day, you need to eat three servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit.Change the composition of vegetables and fruits once a week.This approach will improve the nutritional status of the skin and hair, give shine eyes.

scientists confirmed that even minimal reduction in the amount of fluid in the body by only two percent can reduce mental and physical activity of twenty percent.The minimum amount of liquid that you want to drink per day is considered to be about nine cups.

Be always in the form of

also need to always be in good physical shape, to feel younger.Therefore, regular exercise should be mandatory in your daily routine.This does not mean you have to pace yourself hours of training, enough to choose an occupation that will bring maximum pleasure.This can be fitness, yoga, dancing lesson or cycling.Two hours a week is enough to keep yourself in good condition.

Such simple secrets and avoiding harmful habits - smoking, alcohol, overeating - keep your youth and beauty.And looking at you, everyone will understand that there is a secret to eternal youth!

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