Benefits of eggs for women - health and beauty recipes


about the recipe of beauty and health, based on the egg tells the magazine «f-Journal.Ru»

Nature at birth has laid a woman wanting to be a charming, feminine, passionate men's draw eyesenjoy its uniqueness.And this is natural.After all, a woman is called to become an ornament of the world.Therefore since childhood, little princess start to take care of their appearance, to grow up to become a real queen.But not everyone allows himself the luxury beauty products.And here to the aid of his grandmother's recipes available.Passing from generation to generation, beauty recipes at home give an absolutely unique opportunity to every woman to preserve and multiply the beauty and charm, to strengthen health.

special generosity give female beauty and health recipes, which is composed of an egg.Nature has enriched this valuable product prudently most unique vitamins and trace elements, essential nutrients.Protein - a storehouse of a plurality of amino acids and substances that fight harmful microorga

nisms.The yolk is rich in fat, lecithin, rich in vitamins.Excellent nutritional properties of eggs can actively use it at home for beauty and health.

Recipes of Beauty and Health on the basis of eggs

1. Egg eliminates acne

usual egg yolk is ideal for the treatment of acne (pimples).According to recipe yolk separated from the protein, whisk it.Consistency should be light and fluffy.Then, using a cotton pad or swab, apply the mixture on any plot with acne.After drying wash cool waters.

chicken protein also works well against acne.Its mixed with honey (1 tsp.), Add lemon juice (1 tbsp. Spoon), stirred with a mixer to form a foam and applied to twenty minutes.Pros protein masks the fact that it not only actively struggling with pimples, but also dries the skin and helps the skin to get rid of greasy.And shrinks pores and brightens the red spots on the skin.Not recommended mask only to those who are prone to allergies to eggs.

2. Egg moisturizes the skin

egg white - a great ingredient for skin hydration.The recipe then add beaten egg white one / two drops of olive oil, vitamin E and glycerin and cause miracle mask on your face.It is important not to exceed the proportion, i.e.Do not add more than two drops of any ingredient, or the composition turn watery.Duration - 15-30 minutes.Then all washed with cool water.In summer, when the moisture is especially important for the skin, great moisturizing effect give masochka with the addition of protein, 2 teaspoons lemon juice and ½ cucumber, worn on a coarse grater.Excellent effect Estheticians promise from the cycle of thirty masochek by mixing egg whites with flour.The composition resembles thick cream.Apply it daily for a month for 25 minutes (do not allow drying!), Washed with boiled some water.The mask has a lifting effect, besides miraculously whiten skin.

3. Egg fights wrinkles

If the yolk separated from the protein and then thoroughly whipped protein in combination with a teaspoon of olive oil applied for 15 minutes to clean skin, you get a unique effect on the mask against wrinkles.However, it is not only smooths wrinkles and tightens the skin perfectly, but it is also a natural way to whiten.This lifting at home!The main thing during such masochki not to talk and not to smile.And the comfort of the couch and closed his eyes, turned off completely from the daily bustle.Yes exactly.Give yourself well, at least 15 minutes of precious time and do not think about anything.Then, the effect is really quite unexpected, and will very please you.

4. Egg dandruff

Consistency with the addition of eggs and lemon juice is a very effective tool for those who are tired of the white flakes of skin called dandruff.They not only decorate the appearance of clothing, but also provoke embarrassment and lack of confidence in their own attractiveness.Dear dandruff shampoos do not always show the desired effect quickly, but it happens and does not have any impact on dandruff.Therefore, a simple and affordable recipe from one egg, mixed with a few drops of lemon juice, eliminates dandruff better than most shampoos.Whisk mixture until it becomes frothy.Pour into a bottle and then applied to the hair, and the entire length, evenly distributing arms across her head.Then cover the head shower cap.It occupies the entire procedure from 15 to 45 minutes.

5. Egg revitalizes hair

Prepare revitalizes hair mix very simple.Three or two eggs (depending on hair length number) is whipped into a thick foam, and then liberally coated with foam hair massage.The duration of the egg mask - five minutes.The hair is then cleaned with warm water, and finally rinsed with cool little water washing, acidic lemon.Dry, prone to brittle hair, perfectly fit this recipe - to the whipped egg add a spoonful of linseed oil, castor and then whisk again.Apply on hair for five minutes and wash off with lemon water.Benefit oily hair mask will give the following - a teaspoon added to the vessel alcohol and water, rubbing yolk thoroughly mixed consistency and rubbed into the scalp.

use of eggs in homemade recipes give not only an attractive and youthful appearance of the skin and restore the natural beauty, but also improve the body.

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