The product causes cellulite

foods cause cellulite

8 most dangerous products, a passion which contributes to the appearance of cellulite

main cause of cellulite - the constant abuse of harmful substances, which is the shortage of traffic, and other incompatible with a healthy lifestyle activitiesIt leads to the deposition of fats.

¬ęCellulite" sounds to many women like a death sentence. But this is misleading.Firstly, it is even skinny girls, and secondly, all can be corrected.First of all, we need to arm themselves with knowledge about those products that contribute to the appearance of cellulite, but not to completely eliminate them - some simply to restrict or replace more useful.

What foods can cause cellulite

the first place - products made with white flour, especially the shortbread dough.High-calorie and yet low nutritional value make them put it mildly, not very safe for the figure.Never replace a full meal of scones, sandwiches, cookies, cakes, etc.The alternative - black bread with bran, whole grain cookies, cereal.

second place - sugar.On it must be said separately, because it is already proven that white sugar is very harmful, and the abuse of this product may be the cause of many health problems.100 grams of sugar per day - is the maximum that we can afford.But modern man is more than the norm, because so many foods are rich in the same sugar that we add in coffee and tea.There is a solution - buy a dark sugar, eat honey.

third place - sweet drinks, including energy drinks.This poison - no other way to say.They poison, acidifying the body, increase thirst violate the digestion and metabolism.It is better to drink a glass of fresh juice or compote.

fourth place - fast food, prepared food, sausages.What can I say, it is very unhealthy, fatty foods with high calorie and unhealthy additives.French fries with a delicious hamburger for lunch - and cellulite is provided to you.

In fifth place - milk chocolate, candy, fatty cream.Try to buy more bitter chocolate, dried fruits, prepare ice cream at home.

In sixth place - coffee.A cup of freshly ground coffee - this is what you can afford, but in a soluble form of the drink is better to exclude.

In seventh place - all kinds of sauces, ketchup, mayonnaise.They can replace sour cream, olive oil, mustard.

In eighth place - alcohol, especially sweet wines, beer, alcoholic beverages.Alcohol in combination with sugar is very "friendly cellulite."And those who smoke very little chance to beat cellulite.

Draw conclusions

If we generalize, we can conclude that the most dangerous are products that contain white sugar, white flour, preservatives, E-additives, alcohol and fats.

Never jump on pastries, sweets, sandwiches, when you are hungry.Carbohydrates with a high glycemic index that are contained in these products quickly digested sugar level drops sharply after the rapid assimilation of such food, so after an hour or two want to eat again.

eliminate from your diet the foods that we have told, you do not leave a chance not only to cellulite, but also very many diseases.

Good luck to you on the path to harmony and a beautiful figure!

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