The benefits of tea with bergamot for Women's Health

Tea with bergamot

What is useful and to whom bad tea with bergamot

Healing with bergamot tea have been known for a long time.Special popularity has got this kind of miracle drink among American Indians.That they named it the bee balm.

Prepare a tea from the dried herb bergamot leaves, which are topped by wonderful flowers - pink, purple, white and bright red.Flowers are so great that they even used as decoration.

bergamot leaves began to be used for brewing for more than a half thousand years ago.And still taste great tea with bergamot for many is the best and favorite.

What advantages does the tea with bergamot

This kind of tea refers to herbal teas.The medicinal effect of bergamot shown at the health problems associated with cough and cold.Well, he has established himself well against diseases such as nausea, headaches, flu.Tea Bergamot helps to get rid of fever, protects against digestive problems such as bloating, indigestion.In the modern world it has found application in medicine and bergamot.Th

is herb contains a unique antiseptic thymol, which is actively used in dentistry.

effective and inhalation with bergamot.To experience the healing power of herbs enough to pour into a saucepan of boiling water three / four tablespoons of bergamot, and then inhale a pair of healing in the treatment of colds or sinus infections.

How to prepare tea with bergamot

tea can be made from dried herbs or fresh.Two teaspoons of dry tea is poured into the kettle for tea and pour boiling water.After 5 minutes, the tea is ready.If you make tea with bergamot fresh grass, the grass should be ¼ cup of bergamot pour boiling water, then let stand for 20 minutes to enhance the flavor of Earl Grey tea add honey or fresh lemon juice.The longer is brewed tea, the richer and stronger it will be.

way, bergamot leaves have been applied in the tea ceremony, and in cooking - they are added to various dishes, especially meat products.

This is contraindicated tea with bergamot

bergamot, as well as any other grass, and the inherent side effects.In large doses, bergamot tea can stimulate menstruation, and even cause uterine contractions.Therefore, women with gynecological problems, it is better to refrain from a cup of tea with bergamot flavor.Not useful tea with bergamot and pregnant and lactating.Even a perfectly healthy female body frequent and regular consumption of tea can hurt.Therefore, it is recommended to drink no more than one week, then observe a break of at least 10 days.However, the treatment of the common cold, sinusitis, or flu tea with bergamot recommended three times a day.

Bergamot is a powerful natural remedy , which is inherent in any therapeutic herbs that have healing properties for the body.But do not abuse the beneficial effects of Mother Nature.After the healing effect of any grass, including bergamot, it appears reasonable to approach it.

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