Pros and cons of popular monodiets


Discuss popular mono-diet - than they are dangerous, pros and cons, and whether it is possible for them to lose weight?

Why are women so monodiets believe in and so they are loved?Most likely, the reason is simple - no need to bother counting calories, compiling menus and finding the right product.Drink Me yogurt, apples chew, eat buckwheat ... Choose your favorite product and enjoy!Chocolate, bananas, apples, rice diet, kefir, potato - it seems that there is no product that would not have helped in the difficult task of losing weight.But this is just a promise.And what about in reality?Is it possible to lose weight on mono-diet, and if you can - as far as it is safe for health?Let's look at the most popular mono-diet, let's see how effective they are and find out whether or not to force yourself to stay a few days in the monotonous food?

Rice monodiet

Fans of this diet believe that rice - a product of low-calorie, lose weight, and it can be easily without experiencing the painful feeli

ngs of hunger.Plus, this figure also cleanses the body of toxins and impurities, which also contributes to weight loss.

to nutritionists. choosing rice diet as a means to lose weight, you are putting health in serious danger.Because rice no animal protein and vegetable protein is contained in a very small quantity, it is required to develop a protein deficiency.Disturbed metabolism and will suffer not only immunity, but also the hematopoietic system.Rice diet - it's a real knockout food for the body, and it will not pass without a trace.In addition, the rice - not so low-calorie product.The 200-gram serving of rice porridge almost 700 k / cal, and even adding here and a liter of yogurt, you end up with 1,000 calories.Two of the "bite" - and daily calories provided.Lose Weight on a rice diet is unlikely, but the likelihood of health problems is very high.

Buckwheat monodiet

this monodiets Developers claim that a couple of weeks, you can lose weight by 5-10 kg.But at what cost - are silent.Meanwhile, buckwheat diet is considered one of the most dangerous in terms of the complications of chronic diseases and the emergence of new diseases.

to nutritionists. completely excluded from the diet not only bread, eggs, meats and fruits and vegetables, but also salt, sugar and all seasonings.Needless to say how it is harmful?There are many diet contraindications, it is not suited to everyone, and will not always be the promised result.Buckwheat diet is carried heavily, even healthy people - for two weeks, you will have to sit only on buckwheat, squeezed her yogurt, occasionally allowing himself to eat one apple and a handful of low-fat cottage cheese.

Apple monodiet

Theoretically, this week you have to rub 5-7 kg.overweight.Apples can be eaten fresh, bake, make juice from them.It would seem - vitamins and continuous use.In fact, not all so rosy.

to nutritionists. Apple diet is not as harmful as buckwheat or rice, but it has a significant drawback - a constant irritation of the stomach lining.Apples contain malic acid, which stimulates the secretion of gastric juice in large quantities.For a half-empty stomach is very harmful.Moreover, apples cause hunger.The body after leaving the diet triggers the accumulation of fat, and all that you have lost, in a short time would be in place.

Kefir monodiet

popular it has no equal.Partly because they do not have anything to cook, all you need - it's low-fat yogurt.It is said that in three days you can lose 2-4 kg.

to nutritionists.Choosing kefir diet, be prepared for the fact that you will always want to eat.Kefir, like any liquid that does not stay in the body, and the acid contained in yogurt, irritate the stomach and there is a nagging feeling of hunger.

So, according to nutritionists categorically - all monodiets harmful to health.Whichever product you choose, it something is missing.Besides, if we consider that during the diet you a week or two will have to eat the same, here and close to depression.And still do not know which is worse - a few extra kilos, or a psychological disorder.

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