Excess weight in the winter - it does not get better in the winter?

Excess weight in winter

Excess weight in the winter - how not to recruit and win

winter, we are a passive lifestyle. do not want to go in the cold in the gym and go for a walk, too, there is no desire.As prepare light soup diet.Another thing - the weld on the entire family of dumplings, eat heartily, and then wrapped in a warm blanket and peacefully doze off under the TV.Justification of our laziness and desire hearty meal right there - people are genetically programmed to increase fat in the winter in order to make it easier to survive the cold.But let's not forget that in the modern conditions of life in the winter time there is no shortage of fresh vegetables, products, we do not merznu and therefore the accumulation of fat is not justified. appetite increases in the winter cold - this is true, but this fact is related to the reduction of daylight. hormonal changes, a person becomes sluggish, sleepy, and this state body perceives as depression.In the blood increases the content of melatonin (a hormone or dark),

changing dietary habits, and because winter is particularly desirable sweet and fatty.Such food is able to radically change the mood, but it exceeds the caloric content of all limits.

Excess weight in the winter - how to cheat the body?

order not to gain weight in winter, try to fool the body. Avoid sweets, but not sweet.Lean on dried fruits - apricots, dates, prunes, figs, raisins - the sweetness of candy they do not concede, and benefit from them many times more.For example, prunes have substances that work like aspirin - and this is a good tool in the treatment of colds.And figs improves the functioning of the thyroid gland.The dried apricots contains iron, phosphorus, potassium and calcium.All dried fruits contain large amounts of fructose and glucose - the natural sugar substitutes that dispel the winter blues, cheer up, but do not put off excess weight.The tea can be sweetened with honey and oatmeal add grated apple or banana.

If you can not live without a snack, eat a little bit nuts. benefit of this snack will be greater than on the cakes with jam or chocolate bar.But do not get carried away!Calories in nuts is high enough.

Overweight winter - how to make yourself go?

physical activity most people in the winter time is markedly reduced. Ends the holidays, and the holiday season is also closed, and that people spend all their free time watching television.Excuses from classes in the gym and walking all the same - I am afraid to walk through the dark streets, afraid to catch a cold after a workout, I get tired at work, do not have time.It's all manifestations of affective disorder winter, a sort of hibernation, which triggers weight gain.

must find a way to force myself to move. If all reasonable arguments your inner self says "no" have to cheat.This is what psychologists advise: pay classes in the gym for six months ahead.Of course, from this desire to do not appear, but it is a pity the money spent, and greed will push you to a healthy lifestyle.If at the gym does not work, try to arrange "training" between times: use the stairs instead of the elevator;on the way home on leave one or two stops early and walk on foot;talking on the phone, walk around the room.Options everyone can find a lot, and they eventually will develop into the very mosaic that will not allow you to fall into hibernation and overweight.Then you meet the spring in a good mood, and you do not have to go on a diet immediately.