How to lose weight celebrity?

how to lose weight Celebrity

How celebrities lose weight?What tips from the stars to help lose weight?

Theory and practice of weight loss - are two different things.You can arbitrarily choose a diet for a long time and be a diet, but when it comes to the implementation of all plans into practice, it turns out that many of the things that nutritionists recommend, to observe is not so easy.And the rules of supply recommended by specialists in real life do not always work.

We tried to follow them, but in the end did not stand up, and breaks down - goodbye diet ... Weight certainly increases, the mood is spoiled.If that is the case, then maybe you should not strictly follow all the rules, and take a cue from the celebrities, and add something of their own?It can also have the evenings and not gain weight, you can indulge yourself cake and lose weight, you can, in the end, there is only what you like and not gain weight.

How celebrities lose weight?Tip from John Malkovich

known American actor and director advises th

ere is one - two times a day.In any case, for him such an optimal diet - for four months, John has lost almost 30 kg.He invented for himself a kind of a diet consisting of only one favorite product - a fruit jelly without sugar.They can eat as much as you want and whenever you want, each jelly taste, and they do not get bored.It added pieces of fruit jelly, berries, bananas.Plus exercise.After the extra weight was gone, John Malkovich rarely eat more than once a day.Typically, this is a late dinner, and no restrictions on food does not recognize the actor, eat as much as you want.According to John Malkovich, the whole thing in metabolism - often has he can not, no time to get hungry.

How celebrities lose weight?Tip from Kelly Osbourne

young celebrity advises bedtime sure to eat something light.This may be a portion of vegetable salad, toast, a cup of yogurt or fruit.Kelly Osbourne most only one apple, and as she claims, if, before going to sleep, a light snack, it stimulates the metabolism and calories are not converted into fat.For six months she lost 18 Kelly kilogram, but the key to successful weight loss - it is not just a light dinner.For six months, she participated in the show "Dancing with the Stars" and received a colossal exercise.To make it easy to train for the day arranged small snacks, which helped hold up to a full meal.

How celebrities lose weight?Mireille Guiliano Tip

To neither the author of the most popular dietary bestseller "Why French women do not get fat" to know the secrets of harmony!Here is one of them, especially useful for the sweet tooth: from time to time indulge himself pies and cakes.But they should be no test!This means - prepare jellies and mousses, make useful mixture of dried fruits, nuts, honey, cheese, desserts from berries and fruits.If you wish, you can come up with a set of recipes or select something from the ready-made dishes.You can even afford a small portion of ice cream - harm to the figures will not, and the temptation to leave much easier.Another tip from Mireille Guiliano - before you go on a diet, empty the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets from sweets and unhealthy foods.

How celebrities lose weight?Advice from Karl Lagerfeld

famous home designer Chanel several attempts to lose weight.He lost weight, but again recovering, and only after it took a nutritionist Jean-Claude Udre, the problem of excess weight was solved once and for all.At Lagerfeld was a strict meal schedule - three meals a day and no snacking.But he could have plenty of drinking green tea and water, and even treat yourself to a cup of coffee.Result - More than 30 kg.for seven months.According to the famous fashion designer, it was the most difficult to give up a favorite chocolate.And Lagerfeld came up with a trick - it smelled of chocolate, and the desire to eat it took place.If this method does not work, you can enjoy the taste without the calories - take a piece of chocolate in your mouth and almost immediately spit it out.The taste of the goodies remain, and calories are not added.

whether to take something from the Councils celebrities to note - this is of course a personal matter.The issue of weight loss is very individual, and what works for one does not always fit another.