How to lose weight after giving birth

How to lose weight after giving birth

recommendations on how to lose weight after giving birth

Immediately after birth, the young mothers would like to quickly return to the previous figure.However, this is not as easy as many think.After taking care of the child did not leave time for a lesson.Therefore continues set overweight.

How to lose weight after giving birth

daily routine

biggest mistake young mothers is the wrong mode of the day.At that time, when the baby falls asleep, many run into the kitchen and try to eat enough.It is very harmful because, refusing to dinner, we put the body to stress, causing fat reserves to do.Far better to have with your child at least four times a day in small portions.


Nutritionists believe that a breastfeeding mother more quickly returns to its previous form, as breastfeeding contributes to a rapid reduction in the uterus and return it to its former state.But many women, even at feeding time gaining weight.This is because they consume large amounts of dairy products, a

nd those that fatter mistaken belief that this method will improve breast milk.In reality, however, it is not recommended to eat "for two", and the food should be useful and rich in vitamins.After all, the child does not need the extra calories, but the specific elements and vitamins are essential.

Proper nutrition

not necessary immediately after birth go on a diet.Firstly, it is useless in this case.And secondly, mom, baby breast feeding, you need good nutrition.Watch your diet, which should be tasty, healthy and varied.Childbirth - a lot of stress to the body, in which it lacks three main elements - calcium, protein and iron.Calcium-rich dairy products, fish and cheese.Proteins are divided into vegetable (nuts, legumes, soy), and animals (fish, meat, cheese, poultry).

In addition, during childbirth, the body loses large amounts of iron.By the way, when iron deficiency is very difficult to lose weight, as it helps to develop a special enzyme that affects the fat burning.Eat seafood, liver, meat, eggs, beans, wholemeal bread.


Some moms are lazy and limited gatherings on the balcony.Incidentally, this is the most common cause of children's colds.Use walks with the stroller as an extra opportunity to lose weight.With a toddler, it is desirable for a walk twice a day for two hours.

Charging for two

also the main cause of obesity is lack of exercise or lack of exercise.In the absence of fullness of human movement.The fat consumed only during muscular work and lying on the couch every candy lays on the sides.Therefore, doing homework and studying with crumbs, try to give your muscles the load.

Mental attitude

great importance is the psychological factor.Postpartum depression causes many mothers abused sweet.They mistakenly believe that in this way they will rise up.But it only seems that once it becomes easier.Try to replace the sweetness of apples or pears, you will notice that and will improve your mood and health.

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