Instant soups - such dangerous than food?

Instant soups

Instant soups - that is part of the "hot cup"?

When instant soups just appeared, many were delighted - and how - cheap, quick, convenient and delicious!I poured boiling water contents of the package - and five minutes later you can eat.No problems with any cooking or washing the dishes.Yes, and all ready very quickly, which is especially important when the day is loaded to capacity, and in the evening literally collapses.However, over time, experts on nutrition have sounded the alarm.A careful study of the composition of the product, it was found that there was no health benefits it does not, and even more so - has been put into question the safety of such foods, collectively known as "Hot Mug".

Instant soups - studying composition

Even if in a fast soup found pieces of carrots, onions and other vegetables, in appearance and taste more like solid chips - vitamins in them no.All products for the production of fast soups subjected to special treatment - dehydrogenation when at very high tempe

ratures of the raw materials all the moisture is removed.It changes not only the color and structure, but also smell, taste.To cook the soup looked attractive and had a nice flavor, add flavors, flavor enhancers, dyes and other chemical components that irritate taste buds, causing appetite and desire to eat more and more.Not surprisingly, the frequent use of fast food, there is addiction to any particular "dish" and a person eats a meal almost every day, even if you have the opportunity to fully eat.

most often in soups noodles main ingredient - pasta.It is no coincidence - they dry more easily than other products, and they very quickly swell.To somehow diversify the taste, add flavors - so we got a soup, "chicken" or "mushrooms".Some manufacturers honestly write that the soup to taste these products, but often we are told that the soup is cooked with meat or mushrooms.

Another option - bouillon fillers.They also do not have anything valuable, although some "research" claim that these products are high energy value, and a liter of broth cube exactly the same liter of natural broth.

almost all have quick soups sodium glutamate or flavor enhancer, designated as E-621.Contrary to the assurances of manufacturers, dominating the synthetic component can not be, it includes a whole range of harmful compounds and salts, adversely affecting the liver and other organs.Monosodium glutamate has neurotoxic properties, and eventually causes the addiction to the product in which it is added.As a result of this flavor enhancer, natural soups, cooked in the broth with meat and fresh vegetables seem fresh and devoid of any flavor, and the person is almost completely converted only fast food.

Instant soups - take precautions

If you still have to occasionally eat noodles soup, try to choose the least harmful product, which is less synthetic additives, and the content of sodium glutamate is no more than a teaspoon per gallon of finished product.Cook the soup in a conventional bowl, pour boiling water and not the content of polystyrene packing - at a high temperature, it releases harmful substances.Do not add salt and butter, which is in the package, it is better to replace them with common salt and seasoning to the soup and add a piece of butter - so it will be more useful and more secure.

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